Hazing Prevention. How Did We Get Here? How Do We Stop It?

Hazing Prevention. How Did We Get Here? How Do We Stop It?

For Fraternities, Sororities, and Athletic Teams

By reading any newspaper across the country, you'll see that hazing has affected Greek organizations, sports teams, even the band. 55% of college students have been hazed, and 47% were hazed BEFORE they came to college. The unfortunate part is that 9 out of 10 students didn't consider themselves hazed. We often read about the hazing incidents that cause physical injury (or even death). What about the mental aspects of hazing? What are the ramifications over a lifetime to students? We’ll review the early history of hazing in society, we’ll show hazing incidents highlighted in the media from 2012 — 2015, we’ll determine the sociological factors that contribute to the hazing mentality, and then review the hazing laws in your state. Attendees will be able to vote (live) using their mobile device on whether various activities are considered hazing or not. We’ll teach students about bystander intervention as it relates to hazing and how to report it when they see it. We'll also give students ways to eliminate hazing in their chapter by offering a large number of replacement activities that truly promote team building for chapter unity. Learning Objectives. By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to: 1. Analyze the origins of hazing. 2. Describe why hazing happens. 3. Illustrate the progression of hazing related media coverage from 2012 to present day. 4. Summarize the hazing laws in your state. 5. Develop bystander intervention techniques to stop hazing before it starts. 6. Produce substitute activities that actually bring the desired results of brotherhood and interaction among your members.

Mike Ayalon — Motivational Speaker

Mike Ayalon

Passionate about safety and growth of college communities

Mike is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and seasoned executive with a passion for Greek Life. He confronts the major issues facing our Universities like Hazing, Sexual Assault, and Alcohol/Drug Abuse, as well as opportunities for campus growth.

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