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A New Revenue Resolution

How to Double Your Speaking Revenue in 2015

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As we start another New Year, we make that same promise to ourselves that this year things are going to be different. We say to ourselves, "This year I’m going to make 100k or more in my speaking business"; "This year I will write my book"; "This year I will get out there & become more known"; "This year I will stop making excuses and start helping more people with my gifts & talents".

Yet by mid February, life has gotten in the way and most people are stuck in a rut NOT doing the things that they know in their heart would build their speaking business and give them the financial freedom they deserve. In this training, you will learn the Newest, and Most Revenue Generating ways to create and build a sustainable speaking business in 2015.

Guest : Johnny Campbell
Fee : Free
Duration : 60 Minutes
Date : Thursday, January 29, 2015
Time : 1:00 pm Eastern | 12:00 pm Central
11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific
Audio Introduction

What You Will Learn:

  • Section 1 (Leveraging Opportunities – Mapping Your Success)
  • a. The biggest threat to your speaking business in 2015 
  • b. The main reasons why most speakers fail to earn 100k 
  • c. The (4) USPs that attract more speaking opportunities   
  • d. The (2) Newest ways to earn more money & book more gigs in 2015 
  • e. How to go from a (Nobody to Somebody) in a marketplace. 
  • f.  How to get the decision maker to take your call 
  • Section 2 (Maximize the Moments on Stage– Before- During – After)
  • a. The main reasons why most speakers presentations fail to earn additional revenue.  
  • b. How to create speaking revenue before your program.  
  • c. How to use technology to collect more contacts & revenue during your program
  • d. How to create revenue streams from your (PP slides) & (Evaluation) form.  
  • e. How to use follow-up systems to earn income & book additional gigs   
  • f.  How to build creditability and gain celebrity status with video.    
  • Section 3 Monetizing Your Message for Ongoing Revenue streams)
  • a. How to create media buzz and sales using your website or blogs 
  • b. How to use LinkedIn to book gigs and earn additional speaking revenue
  • c. How to land speaking gigs on other people stages
  • d. How to create a revenue generating seminar      
  • e. How to earn income being a supply chain spokesperson
  • f.  How to create income-doubling products.   
  • To grab your copy of the action guide go to:
  • http://www.riseupandwin.com/revenue

About Our Guest

Johnny Campbell

Million Dollar Sales Producer, Keynote Speaker and Author, Johnny Campbell, is the founder of Rise-Up and Win International, an organization that helps people turn their professional challenges into breakthroughs & their products and services into profits. Johnny currently provides business professionals with strategic direction on how to improve their presentation skills, social media campaigns, business networking skills & sales efforts. Johnny is a Past-President of the National Speaker association for state of Illinois and is an Accredited Speaker by Toastmaster International (a designation held by only 65 professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. Based on Johnny’s sales results, experiences and his ability to help clients overcome their challenges and succeed in their businesses he is known as “The Transition Man.”

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