SpeakerMatch Teleseminar Series


How To Get Noticed As An Expert

Guest: Valerie Smaldone

This was a 60 minute teleseminar which took place on May 08, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time

You're a speaker and know your stuff inside and out. But do you really know how to brand your particular area of expertise and market yourself to media outlets? Each time you appear on a talk show, in a blog, on a webisode, radio show or podcast, you are building your media profile, and that helps to make you much more attractive as a speaker. As a media coach and consultant, Valerie Smaldone has worked with dozens of otherwise fabulous experts who need help in not only communicating their material effectively, but also creating compelling content to stand out in a crowded field. This teleseminar will help you evaluate your current tools and online footprint, spark you to think about next steps in creating effective content, and provide information to help you pitch your area of expertise.

What Was Covered in This Interview:

  • How to simply and effectively communicate your area of expertise
  • How to evaluate and improve your presence online
  • What makes compelling content and inspire you to think about how you can create your own
  • Why content (in various forms) can help you stand apart in your field and make you an influencer, a curator and/or an expert
  • Who and where in media you can pitch to to be a guest

About Our Guest

Media personality Valerie Smaldone is a 5-time Billboard Magazine Award winner and is well known for her unprecedented success holding the #1 on-air position in the New York radio market. She has hosted, produced and created several nationally syndicated programs featuring in-depth interviews with top recording artists such as Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Elton John and Mariah Carey, among others. Following her successful music radio legacy, Valerie moved on to spoken word and created, hosted and produced a daily talk show, “Valerie’s New York,” the first originally produced Internet radio show for talk station WOR’s stream, wor710.com. An accomplished interviewer, Valerie enjoys getting to the core of her subjects and knows what makes a compelling guest. Valerie is a private media coach, and has consulted many individuals about how to brand themselves as an expert. She is an instructor at School of Visual Arts in NYC.

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