SpeakerMatch Teleseminar Series

Finding Speaking Opportunities In Your Backyard

How to find, evaluate, and approach potential clients living and working in your hometown. Don't just drive by!

Guest: Carolyn Anderson

This was a 60 minute teleseminar which took place on May 25, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time

Everyday you’re probably driving back and forth and passing by companies that could be your next opportunity to be their Speaker or Coach. Many Entrepreneurs have been taught not to look in their backyard or hometown for speaking opportunities, however, they were taught wrong. Dr. Carolyn was told the same thing, however, she remembered a hidden secret and game changer that she used when she was in Corporate America that changed the game. She applied that same principle and has booked speaking gigs over $15K, sponsorships, partnerships, referrals, right from her backyard. Some of your clients and speaking opportunities are right within your zip code, city, state and neighboring states and now you can learn how to not leave that money behind. In this interview Dr. Carolyn will share 3 game changing secrets that if applied correctly, you can become the next speaker or trainer of an organization right within driving distance from your home or place or employment.

What Was Covered in This Interview:

  • Learn how to book yourself to speak immediately
  • Learn 3 key strategies that you can apply immediately
  • Learn how to market yourself without spending outrageous money
  • Learn how to host your own events and grow your speaking business
  • How to focus and get results

About Our Guest

One of the nation's leading expert on the art of transformation, CAROLYN ANDERSON is the Founder and Executive Vice President of Integrity Consulting and Coaching Enterprise (ICE), a corporate coaching, speaking and consulting firm with over 30 years of combined experience in leadership, strategic plans, money mapping and visioning. She’s a #1 International Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Wealth Coach, TV Personality as seen on Fox, Steve Harvey Show, Ask Dr. Nandi Show, TBN and others. CAROLYN is results driven and is known by her peers as the TURN AROUND GURU and the SOLUTIONIST. As a laser FOCUS Strategist, she takes complex problems and makes them simple. Whether she's speaking at Colleges, Corporations, Government Organizations, and Conferences or at workshops, lives never remain the same after an encounter with her. A trained Army Soldier, Carolyn knows the discipline and FOCUS needed to hit the TARGET and she always win.

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