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Whether a family member has been murdered, raped, robbed, or burglarized, or it's you who was the crime victim, dealing with crime has become almost an everyday occurrence. Even if you are not personally impacted by crime, seeing the images of it in the news, and worrying about whether or not you will be next, can take its toll on what is known as the "Just World Hypothesis," namely that if you do...


Travels From: Stamford, CT
Fee Range: Available upon request

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From Grief to Gratitude . A lourney of Eternal Love
Recovery from Sudden Loss

When a thunderous mudslide crushed her family's British Columbia home, Dr. Lynn Migdal came face to face with sudden, inconceivable loss. Already an expert in Holistic Fitness, stress solutions, PTSD, grief training, and trauma, Dr. Lynn mined the depths of her 35-year medical career to create nothing short of a miraculous shift from grief to gratitude. Now the title of her signature training prog...


Travels From: Delray Beach, FL
Fee Range: Varies

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Grief and Mourning Resolved
Understanding and working through the grieving process

Our culture is weak when it comes to communicating and processing grief and loss. Seminar topics cover everything from the basics of the grieving process to how to help a child mourn. Adaptation to the audience will be made to meet the needs and interests of those in attendance.


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: $1 - $500

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From Heartache to Happiness
Letting go and moving on

Inspirational speakers Bill and Irene Stafford experienced some of the greatest heartaches you could imagine, from the death of their daughter to cancer, the loss of their parents to eventually the demise of their marriage. They found themselves trapped in the tornado of life. All of their unresolved life issues began surfacing, and it was negatively affecting their relationship with friends, fami...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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What I've learned from being a Car Crash Dummy (& Why I want a Tattoo)
Surviving isn't enough, Being intentional with Resiliency & Attitude are required to be happy! (and laugh)

Attitude changes everything. When you've endured 3 car accidents, lost half your family, grown up in a dysfunctional family that never recovered, and then received a cancer diagnosis and you can't laugh at it? Then you can't live with it. (thank you, Erma Bombeck, for that great saying). This program is designed to help people learn while laughing at life's unexpected turns and how to beat them...


Travels From: Ashburn VA, Austin TX, Denver CO
Fee Range: Open

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