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Inside the Iraq Government
A birds eye view

As Head of Security for the Iraqi Interim Government, I was fortunate enough to see how the Iraqi's fought both politically with the United States Government and with the ethnic and religious split of their own country. As terror and destruction reign down around them they had the fortitude to find a solution and allow Iraq to become a standing government in an already volatile arena of the world....


Travels From: Columbia, SC
Fee Range: Varies

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Relationship Advocacy
Answering the World's Call - Rising Above Political Noise

Advocacy should be defined as developing relationships with those you desire to influence to impact change. Wes will help attendees to understand the importance of relationship advocacy and provide them with strategies to apply tactics with confidence. Participates will learn: The importance of relationship advocacy. How to build a team of like-minded supporters. How to impact key decision maker...


Travels From: Dayton, OH
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Leadership and Teambuilding: My Experiences at CIA
Working together in a Stressful Environment

Discussion will include: 1) What does CIA and Private Sector have in common? (answer: a lot!) 2) Characteristics of team building, 3) How Working together in the US Intel Community Can Be Applied to Your Business 4) Working Across Cultural/Language Barriers: Why Diversity Counts! 5) My best team building practices from CIA - "war stories" TV Commentator, NYU Professor and Streetwise...


Travels From: Reading, PA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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