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Speaker Programs in Customer Service

Branding Your Platinum Service
"How To Brand Your Love With Memorable Moments"

Most company's focus solely on profits without considering the impact "customer love" has on engagement scores, turning customers into billboards and how these affect the bottom line. This presentation focuses on finding what we call, "Your Purple Cow" and subsequently implementing a customer experience strategy that increases customer satisfaction scores and ultimately increasing your bottom ...


Travels From: Greater Tampa Bay Area, FL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Do you want Bragging Rights?!
Employees and clients will brag - good or bad. Knowing exactly what you want people to brag about optimizes all efforts to elevate success!

When I ask organizations what they want customers to brag about, the answers come fast. When I ask organizations what they want employees to brag about; the answers are not as clear. When we tie the behaviors your employees need to showcase to achieve great customer bragging to the behaviors your employees need from your leadership team for maximum support, that's when innovation, clarity, and gre...


Travels From: Ashburn VA, Denver CO
Fee Range: Open

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How to Inspire an Awesome, Outrageous and Legendary Customer Experience
Make Every Customer/Guest a Promoter

How do you ensure that your Customers’ Experience (CX) is meaningful, impactful and so awesome and outrageous, that they will go and tell everyone about it? What is the impact of not addressing it? What does "awesome and outrageous" even look and sound like? In this roll-up-your-sleeves highly-tailored keynote and workshop, using one the most exhilarating forces in business today - IMP...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Behind The Castle Walls
Creating MAGIC In Your Business

What in the world could a small business possibly have in common with the "Happiest Place On Earth®?" More than you can imagine. In this chapter of "Behind The Castle Walls," self-professed "Disney Geek," Ron Ruth will take you on an inspiring journey into the creative and business genius of Walt Disney. He'll share his observations and extensive research as a long-time, frequent visitor to t...


Travels From: Kansas City, MO
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Healthcare Is a Calling
You can't fake customer service

Spending a year in and out of hospitals with a child diagnosed with cancer provides many insights for healthcare professionals from a cancer mom's perspective. The things healthcare providers do routinely are often life changing moments for the patient and family. Those providers that commit the time and emotional energy to connect to patients and families are often rewarded with renewed purpose a...


Travels From: St Louis, MO
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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