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Branding the Experience
Great organizations don’t just brand their marketing materials. They “Brand the Experience” for their customers.

What You Will Learn • What actually is branding. • Why every position in the org-chart is part of the branding department. • The critical combination of drivers and conveyors that create the desired brand image. • How to create a strong brand by beginning with the necessary internal steps, i.e. how to get every employee excited about becoming a brand ambassador. • How to drive more ...


Travels From: Long Beach, CA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Brand Yourself Like a Champion
Learning How to Building a Game Changing Personal Brand.

The purpose of this presentation is to educate attendees on how to prepare for career success through personal branding and building intentional relationships. Attendees will engage in: -Personal Brand awareness -Identifying and building transferable skills -Social media awareness -Identifying why their personal brand matters -Identifying career values -Identifying professional st...


Travels From: New York, NY
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Human Brand Strategy in a Digital Era
How to connect and engage your customers

Every blog and article today is all about digital tactics to convert customers. But at the end of the day whether you're B2B or B2C your customers are human. Digital tactics are excellent tools but horrible replacements for human engagement. This session is all about how to bring the humanity back to your brand strategy in a way that creates authentic and long lasting customer relationships. Today...


Travels From: Atlanta, GA
Fee Range: Varies

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Leading By Example
Leadership Development; Personal Branding!

The audience will be in an engaging environment! Discussion: Leadership within any given company and/or organization is important, no matter the management level. Personal Branding, Professional/Career Development and Influence are all key essentials that must be recognized as vital elements. Based on my experiences with small and large organizations and companies I will teach your audie...


Travels From: Dallas, TX
Fee Range: Open

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BRAVE Branding: Why You Need to be a VIP
Learn how to attract attention, build your brand and be the leader your people are looking for

How BRAVE are you? If it seems like every day a new world dawns in marketing, it does. At times as exciting, imaginative and dramatic as a Super Hero movie, keeping up with social media can be overwhelming. Discover how BRAVE marketing can change your fate. Get powered up, reactivated and outfitted with a simplified, yet advanced, action plan that delivers POW-erful! results for you, your company ...


Travels From: Chicago, IL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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