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Get published NOW!

As the award-winning author of 38 books, translated into 32 languages, I can help your audience to finally get that first --or fifth -- book published, and now! In addition to being published by such major houses as Simon & Schuster, Doubleday,Wiley,Scribner's, and Prentice-Hall, I have run my own small press, Hannacroix Creek Books, since 1996. I also taught nonfiction writing as a visiting assis...


Travels From: Stamford, CT
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Bring Your Business Writing into the 21st Century
Improve and refresh your grammar and proofreading skills.

We all want to be better writers and make sure our thoughts are clearly received. This workshop (half-day or full-day) will show you just how to bring your writing into the 21st century. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to: - make sure subjects and verbs agree; - describe the difference between active and passive voice; - describe when it is good to break punctuati...


Travels From: Long Island, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Marketing Success
Helping Others Help Themselves
Publishing 101
What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing Your Book

Welcome to the best time in world history to be a writer. But if you Google "How to self-publish a book" 9 million responses pop up. How do you know what's right for you? How do you save yourself from publishing preditors? You don't have to write the great American novel. Writing a book for business is a great way to cement your roll as a thought leader, earn another income stream, make sure y...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death
Your Success Coach for Writing, Speaking, Business and Life Balance

If your difference-making group desires easy and highly-effective strategies for getting their message out of their heads and on to paper, hire writers’ coach Randy Carney. Since 1984, he has developed strategies for writing that have helped aspiring authors realize their dream of getting their words on paper. Randy accomplishes this task through consultations, speaking engagements, webinars,...


Travels From: St. Louis, MO
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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