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• Discover the power of believing in believing. • Have you tapped into your unlimited potential? • Create a road map to becoming the genuine y

"Be the Future Seek" is a series of presentations that can be viewed sequentially, but are also moving and inspiring individually. 1. Become your Future Self • Learn to see past facades and embrace your genuine self. • Create a road map to becoming a more genuine you. • Take a personal inventory & realize your true potential. 2. Fi...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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The Power of Vision
3 Keys to Mastering Your Results

- Do you want to discover your true dream or purpose? - Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt, and worry and move toward your goals with confidence? - Do you want to achieve greater results with less effort? If these questions resonate with you, then you are going to love this program! In 1853, Henry David Thoreau wrote a famous essay called “Walden,” in which he included a hidden co...


Travels From: Queens, NY
Fee Range: $1 - $500

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What's Your Life IQ?
The Essentials for Living Intelligently

Life is about choices and in this day and age we have more choices than ever. In fact, we can get overwhelmed and paralyzed by all of the options. Instead of feeling confident about moving forward, we feel anxious about the paths we didn’t follow. But there are steps we can take to aid us in making our decisions and increasing our Life IQ. Life IQ is about figuring out who you are, what kind...


Travels From: Milwaukee, WI
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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The Magic Word
Unlocking the Key to Connection, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity

Each of us has a magic word that can act as a reset button when we are struggling to feel inspired and connected in our professional and personal lives. Knowing our word gets us out of the nasty voices in our heads and back into our hearts. From there, we can connect with others in ways that allow for better communication, collaboration and creativity. But knowing our magic word is never enough. W...


Travels From: Santa Fe, NM
Fee Range: Varies

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Coaching/Mentor Programs
Executive Coach

Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and CEO of Awakening Initiatives, LLC in New Haven, Connecticut. Having more than 20 years of experience in the industry has taught me to become an effective negotiator, and I can definitely share this and other career-advancing skills with you. I can also help you in branding your product, gaining selling influence, and improving your communications skills. As...


Travels From: New Haven, CT
Fee Range: Open

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