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Speaker Programs in Time Management/Self Management

The Time of Your Life
Creating Extra Time from Thin Air Without Smoke, Mirrors, or Camera-Tricks!

This is an exciting and fun program that provides essential information dealing with the management of our most precious resource, time.  The audience will be taught the shocking truth as Scott challenges many common myths about time management. 

Throughout the program will use the art of illusion and audience participation to support his key points about managing one's time.

Audience Members Will Discover How To 

-Produce Extra Time At Will
-Use The One Essential Rule Of Successful Time Managers
-Write One List That Will Remove Virtually All Time Conflicts
-Keep Others From Stealing Their Most Valuable Asset
-Leverage Time For Optimum Performance

This program is also available as a half day or full day seminar workshop. Call Scott & Real World Magic at 1-888-810-8303 for more details about this program.


Travels From: Nashville, TN
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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How To Master Your Time and Bring Balance To Your Life
Learn the basics of how to use time to reach your goals and get what you want from life.

Strategies that help bring control to your day and ease the stress of time-crunching demands are the heart of this message. You will learn to bring balance to your life, improve your use of time and personal productivity when you apply the key points covered in this session. A stress reliever for the busy executive and everyone on his or her team.


Travels From: Prairieville, LA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Building Your Net-Worth through Networking
Strategies for generating leads and growing your referral base without losing your mind or bank account.
Interactive, smart, fun, funny, motivational programs on DISCOVERING PERSONAL STRENGTHS
Doug is an expert on showing leaders, managers and teams how to discover their personal strengths so they can be more amazing. 20 yrs' experience

EXCITING NEW DISCOVERIES! Discover and master your top personal strengths in leadership, teamwork and success so you can fully open the floodgates to awesome accomplishments, relationships and joy.

To save you time, here is a concise list of 6 INTERACTIVE, SMART, FUN, FUNNY, MOTIVATIONAL, RESEARCH-BASED and RESULTS-GENERATING Programs. All teach Leadership, Teamwork, Handling Change, Communication and Generating More Revenue --YOU choose which area(s) you want emphasized for your attendees. Doug can focus his program on one or more of these key areas for success.)   Or let Doug create a special program that meets your special needs. Available as inter-active keynote, half day or full day programs, or as ongoing training.

1. Your Personal Strengths Are Your Most Priceless Possessions."  Knowing your personal strengths makes you stronger. Use your personal strengths to be fantastic at what you do. Everyone has personal strengths, some of which might be hidden or under-utilized. 


Travels From: Southern California - Palm Springs, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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"Unmasking Your Superpowers"
Telling Stories That Equip Today's Leaders

Everyone has a story to tell.  Nestled within each triumphant or disastrous event, lies a Story That Tells a fundamental principle.  Learning these principles are the foundation of a healthy, balanced and successful life.  It is our responsibility to use our unique, God given talents, to find our place and tell our story.

     Thomas Dismukes, Motivational Storyteller, reveals the Super Powers that are essential for any organization and individuals success.  Come laugh and learn from Thomass world adventures as we discover the SuperPowers we all possess to make the things we do more successful, more 
meaningful and a lot more fun!


Travels From: Charlotte, NC
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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