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The Rebuilding of USS ENTERPRISE

While the mainstream media presented the superficial reports on the Emergency Repair Project on USS ENTERPRISE, this veteran tells the tale of the many actions that took place 'behind the scenes' that were essential to the successful outcome. These facts are strong evidence for great pride for a determined America.


Travels From: Indianapolis, IN
Fee Range: Open

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In Their Boots: Voices of Soldiers and Their Loved Ones
A Powerful, Inspirational, Enlightening Look at the Heart and Soul of Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan and Their Loved Ones

“In Their Boots: Voices of Soldiers and Their Loved Ones” has been presented to churches, colleges, libraries, military organizations, nonprofit organizations, private groups and other groups. This program is a stirring, unique, inspiring look into the heart and soul of our soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and their loved ones. Audiences are taken on a riveting, humorous, touch...


Travels From: Baton Rouge Airport, LA
Fee Range: Varies

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A Thousand Letters Home
The Journey of the Letters
“The Purple Pen.”
How America has changed politically over the last 100 years.

Political Correctness-How did it begin and why has it invaded America to the point were we need to consult two lawyers before we speak or act. How it has invaded our educational system and is creating a generation of potential losers by not teaching students how to turn around failures. Is Political Correctness destroying American culture and values, as we know them? Based on my book “Whe...


Travels From: West Palm Beach, FL
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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