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The 4 Master Keys for Unleashing Your Vision and Unlocking Incredible Success

Whether in their personal or professional lives, people are pre-occupied with barriers, boundaries and obstacles. There are glass ceilings, communication barriers, walls and divides. They focus on what they “can’t do” or what “can’t be done” and stop there instead of finding out what actually is possible. The people who do this often are intelligent, capable, talented, hard-working p...

It's About the Journey... Enjoying the Ride Means Putting the GAS in YOUR Own Tank!
It's time for a fill up!

Happy people live longer, work harder, have more fun, and are just better to be around. In this presentation Bryant will share with your audience the importance of being your own source of happiness and motivation even when your environment makes this difficult. This program focuses on defining what employee engagement really is and how conquering your fears and living a life of presence are esse...


Travels From: Fredericksburg, VA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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You Are a Walking Supercomputer
Learn to Unlock The Hidden Power of Your Mind

Your brain is more powerful than any electronic device. Learn to wield its power to remember more than you ever dreamed possible.


Travels From: San Francisco, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Creating a Positive Attitude to Destroy Obstacles in Your Path
Using positivity to overcome challenges and achieve goals

Key Points: - Realize the positives in all situations - Create positive scenarios when planning for the future - Use humor to laugh at yourself - Develop coping strategies to deal with every-day stressors - Integrate relaxation and exercise into your daily schedule


Travels From: Burbank, CA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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How to Get Happier--and Why You Should Try To!
How getting happier can change lives and improve health; practical actions to help hike up happiness.

Do you know people who just love to be miserable? Or people who just want to get a little happier? Most of us could do with "hiking up our happy" wherever we are! In learning how to go from her "big old unhappy hole" to a life of much more happiness, Elizabeth Power found something much bigger: joy. Deep abiding content and being happier takes attention, and in this presentation your audienc...


Travels From: Nashville, TN
Fee Range: Varies

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