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Inviting New Perspectives
Enhance Your Listening, or What Color Is The Ball?

Empty your own presumptions when entering group discussion. Other perspectives can be as vital as your own, but you must be open to receive them! (COLOR one-half of the ping pong ball with a yellow-highlighter. Hold THAT side away from the viewer. Ask what color they see. Note it. Ask another. Note it. Then, slowly turn your hand revealing the other side of the ball that has been colored and no...


Travels From: Blue Ash (Cincinnati), OH
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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How to Stop Being Told: "You're Not Listening!"
Improve all your relationships when others see you as a person who listens.

We have all been accused at one time or another of not listening. Our various technology has only worsened our ability to listen for meaning. To be perceived as a good listener improves your image, your success at work and life relationships. All my speeches and seminars are customized for the audience. This will give you a general idea of what audiences walk away with. How to stop and ...


Travels From: Chicago (and at times Orange County, CA), IL
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Listen and Learn!
Become a better communicator with the listening difference

If we can’t listen, we can’t learn. For most of us, just listening to information is not good enough to learn quickly and effectively. This workshop focuses on acquiring good listening skills and getting the information we need to respond appropriately and influence effectively. Become a better communicator and learn the difference between giving instruction versus giving information. Develop ...


Travels From: Minneapolis, MN
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Applying Crisis Intervention (CIT) & Criminal Profiling
Tools to Stop Youth Violence
3-Centered Leadership
New Technology that Activates Leadership Excellence

Leadership requires a deep sense of inner awareness and presence to be impactful and effective with others. Understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses and potential blind spots is crucial to leadership success. How we "see" ourselves and then how we "show" up and interact with others are the clues to unleashing full leadership potential, that is, maximize one’s strengths an...


Travels From: Columbia, MD
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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