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Tammy Levent

Tammy’s stories aren’t all about success. When she speaks she shares all the lows she’s succumbed to in her life that show a humbleness and a reality that leaves the audience in awe. Her powerfu...

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Adriane Berg
Jodi Pliszka, Ph.D.- Upgrade Your Mind!

People leave a "Jodi Talk" with goose bumps & boundless contagious energy, ready to take action in their lives & businesses. Jodi is sure to ignite the creativity spark & create a..."Did you see Jodi...

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Bob Logan

Mission Statement -- When I speak, I speak from the heart. Being totally transparent and showing ones own flaws and weaknesses helps for a stronger connection to an audience. Our hope is your audienc...

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David Santulli
Holger Woeltje

Harnessing technology for productivity: German expert (author of 7 best selling books) who works with Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide teaches you how to prepare for the future digital workplace...

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Jay Brown

Financially independent by age 56, Jay shares simple strategies she learned from her father. She began an around-the-the-world journey at 56 and laughingly admits that she is unable to stop traveling...

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Leslie Birkland Reality Star and Author