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Curtis Panasuk, Creativity Speaker

Curtis knows how to motivate and inspire an audience with humor, wit and charm. He is a comedian, former CEO, and creative thinker at Apple and Intel. He spoke at TEDxSedona, and he has been quoted i...

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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Glenna Hecht

Glenna Hecht is an accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, and author as well as a certified SPHR.. Her 25 years of experience and her “do the right thing” philosophy provide a winni...

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Toye Johnson-Vincent SPEAKER-COACH-TRAIN
Alana M. Hill, PMP

An international change leadership expert, inspiring professionals to lead change in their lives and organizations. Her principle-based emphasis on resilience plus compassion has lasting impact.

Fee range: $5,000 - $7,500
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Natalie Parks, Ph.D., BCBA-D, CPBC

Imagine waking up every day excited to go to work with your team who is inspired to meet deadlines, identify mistakes, and communicate openly with you. Dr. Natalie Parks shows you how to have this by...

Fee range: Open
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Inspirational, Motivational, Significant

Cyndee delivers! Her breadth of knowledge provides motivating strategies to excel in any business setting. She has a unique ability to inspire through simple, easy-to-implement strategies and keep at...

Fee range: $7,500 - $10,000
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Farnaz Namin, Ph.D.

One cannot force anyone to learn; just the same as one cannot force anyone to walk. The influence we have on another's life is only through modeling. A good speaker is an emotionally intelligent indiv...

Fee range: Varies
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David Liddell

David Liddell is known for sending audiences home inspired. As an expert in results-based leadership consulting, he specializes in providing clarity and unlocking the full potential within organizati...

Fee range: Varies
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Chris Aird

Chris offers customized, inspiring, and engaging presentations that tailor to the organizations needs and budget on topics such as: Leadership, Organizational Growth & Change, Effective Communication,...

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Julie Ann Holmes

Engaging and humorous speaker who comes from a "non-traditional" start. Using a behavioral science focus, Julie will help you discover what you need to DO to keep moving forward in order to be success...

Fee range: Open
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