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Amy O'Neill MS

The strong survive but the resilient thrive after a tragedy. After surviving the Boston Marathon Bombing, Amy O'Neill MS turned her crisis and recovery into her cause. Speaking about resilience offer...

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Amy Simpkins

Tech startup CEO, entrepreneur, author, and innovation thought leader Amy Simpkins facilitates massive leaps forward. She helps individuals and organizations with big ideas shift perspective and make ...

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Ana C. Ward, Esq., MS, MBA

Ana, a scientist, lawyer, and executive, is able to use her experience as a stand up comedian and improv conservatory graduate to ensure that any topic is delivered with energy and skill for maximum i...

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The Curiosity Instigator

Stay ahead of CHANGE by igniting the curiosity of your team and implementing an effective change management technique. Instead of fearing change, implement a leadership style that encourages disrupt...

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Andre Boykin

I speak about developing the mindset of achievement so people can break through the barriers that hold them back. Winning Posture is a way of being that leads to success and reflects the true characte...

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Andre Benito Mountain

Andre Benito Mountain is an author and transformative principal who has "remixed the principalship" with his approach to teacher autonomy, student leadership, and arts integration. His message is one ...

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Dr. Andrea Bonior

Psychologist, professor, author and media personality speaks on motivation, relationships, work-life balance and well-being. An expert on stress, productivity and social interactions, who connects wit...

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Andrew Barlow

Andrew Barlow understands leaders. From Navy battlegroup commanders to bank presidents and the governor of Texas, Andrew has helped dynamic executives MOVE PEOPLE with a clear vision and the power of ...

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