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James Thurston

Motivating others to change from blame driven to purpose driven helps to create positive results within the workplace and with customers. The 4 Steps to Motivation Workshop, and the new book (Spring ...

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Babette Ten Haken

I leverage design-driven storytelling to build Trust across people and professional disciplines. Optimize and retain the strategic business and human capital value of your people and your clients. Tog...

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The Culture and Leadership Expert
Chris Meroff

Every person has intrinsic value, and therefore, is entitled to fulfillment. As a leader, it is my job to love and serve people towards that fulfillment.

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Jodi Pliszka, Ph.D.- Resilience Doctor

People leave a "Jodi Talk" with goose bumps & boundless contagious energy, ready to take action in their lives & businesses. Jodi is sure to ignite the creativity spark & create a..."Did y...

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Scott J Vail

I support colleges and Universities in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of nontraditional students. I help prevent burnout in college admin, faculty and staff

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Larry Broughton
John Polish

Unlike any other presentation!!! John Polish delivers an engaging and entertaining look at overcoming adversity. His approach to emotional awareness can help personal growth as well as employee mor...

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Ed Krow

Whenever I speak, I relate the topic to terms the group can identify with. If you are looking for a speaker who can easily relate to the group and pick up on their nuances quickly to create an interes...

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