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Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds, Ed.D.
..Marvelless Mark.. Mark Kamp

If you Change the way you think, you will Change the way you perform, which will Change your Results. Performance is everything.

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Kelvin McCree

If youre reading this, youre ready for a change. You want to expand your teams capacity and leap past your challenges. You want to add value to the people you lead and you want them to have a sense ...

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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Madeline Frank, Ph.D, DTM

How is the health of your business or organization? Amazon.com Best Selling Author Madeline Frank has helped countless businesses and organizations create strong leadership cultures, stay up in down t...

Fee range: Open
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Dr. Richard Nongard

Engage your audience and influence them to lead your profession. I help companies and associations create lasting success by seizing the power of now to generate measurable results using proven method...

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Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk

PowerTalk Seminars, LLC

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Robb Holman
Ben Halpern LCSW, Consultant & Presenter

Presented for Fortune 500 Companies & To Schools. My talks have increased performance & quality of life. The Methods and skills I teach is needed by all, to effectively manage our emotions and live th...

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C.Delone Cooper

Their are speakers, and then their are SPEAKERS, those who through life experience, can transfer knowledge, and energy to others. When I speak it is a transformative process.

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Philip Williams

A 3-Time Inc5000 CEO and former Naval Nuclear Power Plant Instructor and Submariner, Philip brings a mix of the “data don’t lie” and E.Q. to his audiences using colorful stories and research to ...

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
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