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Life IQ - Neil Ihde
Laurie Malloy

Laurie Malloy enjoys motivating others by helping them gain clarity on their core values, learn how to manage their energy and time, and to be confident in who they are and what they do. As a former P...

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John Polish

Unlike any other presentation!!! John Polish delivers an engaging and entertaining look at overcoming adversity. His approach to emotional awareness can help personal growth as well as employee mor...

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Bill Marlow
Bennie Fowler

Have you ever watched a dog, out for a morning walk, who’s just spotted a squirrel? The dog immediately springs forward to pursue his catch. He is restricted, not by his own instincts, but by a forc...

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Lenica Stephen

Is your business scalable and ready for growth? Nobody can do it alone, and at this level of business when you’re growing fast, you’ll need help to get out of the rut of doing everything on you...

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Dr. David Simonsen

Married 25 years...7 kids...Police officer...Cancer...adoption....Therapist...these are the things that make Doc David unique. He, like everyone else, has a unique story to tell. It's all in the how o...

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Carole Stizza, SHRM-SCP, ACC
Dr. Aaron Blight
Billy Arcement, MEd---The Candid Cajun

Billy uses his "Cajun Candor" to improve the performance of leaders and employees. Blending his expertise and his Cajun heritage makes for a "gumbo" of learning and laughter. Cutting edge information...

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