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Jan Spence

Say NO to SLIDESHOWS! Keeping audiences engaged, motivated and awake through hands-on participation and mindful inspiration.

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Damon Chandler
Coach Mendo

Author of "Maximizing Your Results, The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence in Business, Athletics and Life" inspires audiences to raise the bar, increase mental toughness, and excel in their professiona...

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Michael David Sills, Ph.D.

Bringing the proven international experience, knowledge of cultures, worldviews, religions, and do's & taboos to ensure success in any venture in today's world. Crossing cultures around town and aroun...

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Bella Cruz
Toye Johnson-Vincent SPEAKER-COACH-TRAIN
Barbara Khozam

Internationally acclaimed trainer, motivator, speaker and professional athlete. Her thorough research before each presentation allows her to deliver a presentation that is memorable, relatable to the...

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Do Good & Juggle Keynotes & Teambuilding

Experience a meaningful (and fun!) keynote program that gets your group laughing & learning together. Spark joy & creativity as you learn to break through the barriers holding you back, with a powerfu...

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Glenn Edward Yost

Motivating Magical Inspiration creating an enjoyable program that you won't forget!

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Scott Beck

A former On-Air Radio personality, that survived the technology upheaval of the early 90's. Scott is passionate about educating fellow business owners and executives about the double edge sword of tec...

Fee range: $1,000 - $2,500
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