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Rich Bontrager

Keynote speaker Rich Bontrager, AKA "The Trigger," should be dead at least three times! Yet, he has "defied the odds." Hear his messages of hope as he motivates, inspires, and equips you to DEFY THE O...

Fee range: $500 - $1,000
Travels from Denver, Colorado

Davin Salvagno
..Marvelless Mark.. Mark Kamp

Business Keynote Presentations. Innovation, Motivation, Unheard of Collaborations, and the Power of Group Thinking. If you CHANGE the way you think, you will CHANGE the way you perform, which will CHA...

Fee range: Varies
Travels from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Orlando, New York, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, Phoenix, St. Louis, Kansas City, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Nevada

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Julie Marie McDonough - The Credit Lady

FINANCIAL LITERACY. Julie is a Broker, Credit Consultant and the Author of "How to Make your Credit Score Soar." Entertain & inspire your audience on how to maximize their credit score, get out of...

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
Travels from Los Angeles, California

Donnie Loftis

Adapt and Overcome. Being open to change and adapting is critical in staying ahead of the competition. Do you lead from the front? What skillsets do you bring to the table, do you train others to take...

Fee range: Open
Travels from Charlotte, North Carolina

"Recovering Engineer" turned Speaker

Deliver Your Key Messages with Power & CredibilityIf Jeff the "recovering engineer" can do it, you can too!

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
Travels from St. Charles, Illinois

Julienne B Ryan, Communication Catalyst

Humorous, motivational, engaging storyteller and speaker who shows you how to leverage stories to achieve your communication and leadership goals and increase results!

Fee range: Available Upon Request
Travels from New York City, New York

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