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Malaika Simmons

Published, Provocative, Performance Mindset Expert, Malaika Simmons is leading a movement. The Momentology Movement is gaining popularity amongst those searching for purpose, success and accomplishmen...

Fee range: Varies
Travels from Ashburn, Virginia

Johnny Tan Experiential Keynote Speaker
Brendal Bass Davis,

Engaging and empowering core message: Success with Excellence. Called to be a creator of success, through speaking, teaching or facilitating I inspire individuals, teams and organizations to build c...

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
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Derek Fitzgerald

From cancer and heart failure to heart transplant and IRONMAN athlete. Proving anything is possible.

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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Dave Kauffman

If you're looking for a high energy motivational speaker with enthusiasm to train, educate and motivate, I may just be the man your looking for! An entertaining and educational 90 minute session to c...

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
Travels from Sarasota, Florida

Joshua Schneider
Giani-As Seen on America's Got Talent
Justin Singer

Justin is the CEO and co-founder of Caliper Foods, a pioneering company in the cannabinoid industry. His expertise is in the consumer cannabinoid industry and on the topic of (soluble) cannabinoids as...

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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Sam Anthony Lucania

Sam delivers a passionate self awareness and drug prevention message to youth today. He speaks to provide inspiration, hope for the future and to educate, create awareness and give encouragement. Some...

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
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DC delivers a rare glimpse of “winning” organizational culture principals that made Southwest Airlines the most successful Airline in aviation history-He’ll share inside stories that offer valua...

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Travels from Peoria, Arizona