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Elizabeth Clamon, Achieve more Faster

Experience how your Audience's can increase their Motivation, Leadership, and Sales Potential Discover why audiences are raving about my custom-tailored programs that get immediate results!

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Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson

Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, The Destiny DIVA. provides transformational services that inspire audiences and clients to release self-imposed limitations to live empowered lives; lead engaged teams; an...

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April Callis Birchmeier
Joshua Schneider
Branch Isole

What three factors can negatively affect us at work or home? Stress, struggle, and conflict. Author and teaching mentor Branch Isole shares "how" to reduce these and "why" it's important for career or...

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Emily Braucher
Coach Daphne Valcin

Daphne went from experiencing immense struggle in her youth to speaking at her college graduation, going on to graduate from an Ivy League and create a successful business! She has engaged, inspired, ...

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Giani-As Seen on America's Got Talent
Steven Sewell

Building bridges of hope to individuals, leadership teams , and executives in profit and non-profit organizations through presentations about conflicts, resiliency, grief, loss, self-care, advocacy, c...

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Bella Cruz