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Kendall Ficklin

I'm committed to helping and teaching organizations, companies, leaders, and individuals how to out-perform, out-last, out-serve and out-sell the competition. I can show you how to take good to great ...

Fee range: $2,500 - $5,000
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Your man, G!
The Goodness Chick

Erin Lawler Patterson is a speaker, counselor and podcaster with a passion to remove stigmas on addiction and mental health while also empowering people to live to their full potential. Erin's presen...

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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JJ Birden

9yr NFL Veteran, author of "When Opportunity Knocks, 8 Surefire Ways to Take Advantage", JJ teaches that the key to a successful life is seizing the opportunities in front of you no matter the odds, a...

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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Curtis Panasuk, Creativity Speaker

Curtis knows how to motivate and inspire an audience with humor, wit and charm. He is a former CEO, and creative thinker at Apple and Intel. Check out his TEDx Sedona talk at https://bit.ly/2JgjMqg

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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Diana Elizabeth Jordan
Beth Ruffin

Beth Ruffin uses storytelling & interactive workshops to teach audiences how to be inclusive. She believes inclusion is a 2-way street as we all have the responsibility to include others & to include...

Fee range: $500 - $1,000
Travels from Columbia, South Carolina

Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds, Ed.D.
..Marvelless Mark.. Mark Kamp

If you Change the way you think, you will Change the way you perform, which will Change your Results. Performance is everything.

Fee range: Varies
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Kelvin McCree

If youre reading this, youre ready for a change. You want to expand your teams capacity and leap past your challenges. You want to add value to the people you lead and you want them to have a sense ...

Fee range: Available Upon Request
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