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Randi Fine

Author of Narcissistic Abuse: Close Encounters of the Worst Kind and host of the "A Fine Time for Healing" podcast

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Diane Jones-Be Solutions, CEO

Professional Inspirational Speaker with 30 years of experience on a mission to help touch one life at a time with topics full of COMPASSION, HIGH-ENERGY, ENGAGING, CAPTIVATING, RELEVANT, TRANSPARENT A...

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The Confident and Energetic Powerhouse

I am a Charismatic, Relatable Speaker that has left an impact with over 30,000 people in a span of 10 years speaking on leadership, purpose, and the importance of personal development. I have conducte...

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Travels from Houston, Texas

Dr. Terri: Workforce Futurist

WORKFORCE FUTURIST | CORPORATE TRAINER | KEYNOTE SPEAKER: THE FUTURE OF WORK, LEADERSHIP, CAREERS & AI STRATEGY My expertise is at the intersection of the future of work, artificial intelligence and ...

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Maxine Shapiro

From the Feds to FOX, Papyrus to Zappos, find out why clients call Max, "Phenomenal!" These HIGHLY interactive keynotes and workshops transform your event into a playground for collaboration, boldness...

Fee range: $5,000 - $7,500
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The Success Strategy Coach
Rob Salafia Protagonist Consulting Group

Help your leaders show up as the best version of themselves. Leveraging a background in the performing arts and business to create engaging and inspiring presentations filled with humor, substance, an...

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Deborah B Johnson

Deborah is the Executive Director of Basham Consulting, LLC. The mission is to promote excellence through engagement and to help individuals live better lives. She works with a number of individuals, ...

Fee range: $500 - $1,000
Travels from Atlanta, Georgia

Dave Moore
Carmen Feinberg

I offer a clear and effective proven step-by-step program designed to educate audiences to purposefully build a company culture focused on growing top line and bottom line and scaling the business.

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