Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Helping you go from feeling F.I.N.E. to being F.A.B.!

Relationship & Emotional Breakthrough Expert #1 Bestselling Author of F.I.N.E. to FAB. Lisa can take you from "What's wrong with me?" to "I'm Happy & Free!" in less than 1 hour!!! She accomplishes this by engaging her audiences with tactics & humor.

Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000
Travels from New Jersey, NJ (US)

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Lisa Lieberman-Wang
Lisa Lieberman-Wang - Motivational Speaker

Helping you go from feeling F.I.N.E. to being F.A.B.!

Relationship & Emotional Breakthrough Expert #1 Bestselling Author of F.I.N.E. to FAB. Lisa can take you from "What's wrong with me?" to "I'm Happy & Free!" in less than 1 hour!!! She accomplishes this by engaging her audiences with tactics & humor.

Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000
Travels from New Jersey, NJ

  • The National Speakers Association
Lisa Lieberman-Wang - Motivational Speaker

Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Helping you go from feeling F.I.N.E. to being F.A.B.!

Relationship & Emotional Breakthrough Expert #1 Bestselling Author of F.I.N.E. to FAB. Lisa can take you from "What's wrong with me?" to "I'm Happy & Free!" in less than 1 hour!!! She accomplishes this by engaging her audiences with tactics & humor.

Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000
Travels from: New Jersey, NJ

  • The National Speakers Association

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Relationship & Emotional Breakthrough Expert – Lisa Lieberman-Wang
??For over 25 years Lisa's passion has been guiding people to Emotional Health by Breaking Through the Barriers that weigh them down to live an Authentic Life, Happy, Healthy & Free - no matter how successful they already are - in the areas that matter most: their health, relationships, & finance.??

As the relationship expert and creator of the neuroscience Neuro Associative Programming (N.A.P), she helps individuals to realize they can live an even happier life now, stop depression, eating disorders and other forms of self-sabotage including alcohol and spending.

As a top performer, sales professional and entrepreneur for years creating over $60 million in revenue personally she still never felt good enough or worthy. She would binge eat and purge multiple times a day. If it wasn’t food, it was shopping or quick fixes to feel better. Either way, she found a way to self-sabotage.

?When performing at such high levels the idea of telling anyone would strike terror if people really knew. Thirteen years of traditional therapy and self-help did not work. She finally found a way to resolve my challenges without years of shame, blame or therapy.?

Now it's over 25 years that she's gone from feeling F.I.N.E (F*@%’d Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional) to being F.A.B. (Fabulous Awesome, Beautiful). She understands there are many successful women and men out there having the same types of struggles who need a safe place, where they can find solutions.

She consults with CEO's, Executives, Healthcare Professionals, Corporations, Universities, and Media.

Lisa Lieberman-Wang is the author of the #1 internationally bestselling book FINE to FAB and a relationship and breakthrough expert. She is the co-creator of the cutting edge neuroscience: Neuro Associative Programming “NAP”. She created NAP for you to be able to heal in a short period of time, avoiding years of therapy with a proven model to breakthrough whatever is weighing you down. Using this technology she has helped thousands of people overcome lifelong emotional challenges of depression, anxiety, stress, self-sabotage, emotional eating, shopping, sexual abuse and co-dependency with her proven 7 Secrets to FAB.

Lisa developed FINE to FAB years ago in order to fill a need in her own life. After struggling for years with depression, compulsive overeating, binge-eating, bulimia and self-sabotage and never finding a solution despite spending over a half a million dollars on self-help education, she realized that emotional pain and “stinkin’ thinkin’ ” did not have to hold her back any longer. She used the 7 Secrets of FAB to reclaim her inner peace and power and has been free for the past 25 years. Now Lisa dedicates her own life to helping others find that same freedom.

Lisa’s life mission is to touch more lives by helping people who will then help others. She believes that by helping you, she can transform the lives of the many people you will go on to help. Lisa helps women, and some brave men, stop feeling just F.I.N.E. (F’d Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional) and start feeling FAB without blame, shame, or years of therapy. She accomplishes this by immersing you in a team environment. She wants women to recognize that we are not alone in our struggles and that we can be freed.

Lisa has been seen by millions on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW etc as their Relationship & Breakthrough Expert on some of the most popular shows, including “The_TALK”, Great Day Washington, Good Day Washington, Baltimore News, Good Day Charlotte, Live It Up with Donna Drake, Inside South Florida, Rose Lee Archer Show, America Trends with Dr. Gina, The Health of It with Dr. Barrett, Curvy Girls and spoken on some of the most prestigious stages, including Harvard University, the Navy, California Women's Conference, Women Leading the Future.

As a professional speaker and entrepreneur, she’s trained over 120,000 entrepreneurs live in person in the last 20 years on wellness, leadership, sales & marketing strategies to grow themselves, their business and their minds.

Lisa can speak on topics such as Leadership & Sales: Leading by Example, 7 Secrets to FAB; The Happiness Advantage; The Power of No; How to Be the Best You Can Be; 3 Musts to Increase Performance, Productivity & Profitability; Go for the No’s; Taking imperfect action is true perfection; Loving yourself, no matter what you weigh and many more..

Over the last 25 years, Lisa and her faculty have collectively advised and helped nurture the businesses of many professionals thriving today. They have helped their clients increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, market their business online and off, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, re-position themselves as leaders in their industries. One client increased their revenue in 18 months from $32 million to $124 million. Another client went from their sales staff closing only 7% of their walk-in sales to 91% after one strategy session with Lisa resulting in more than six figures to their bottom line for just one week of sales.

Lisa’s coaching and consulting is so influential that companies like Anthems, Blue Cross Blue Shield brought her team in to train their field in Leadership and Sales. Konica Minolta contracted her to help change the mental climate in their environment to discuss “Overcoming Self-Sabotage” for their local corporate office and giving their 6000 employees access through the intranet.

She can enlighten you in 60 minutes and bring you to breakthroughs going from “What’s wrong with me?” to “I’m happy and free!


References include:

  1. “Lisa offered a presentation like nothing we’ve had for our students before. Rather than just teach, she touched our audience emotionally and provided practical strategies they could apply immediately to experience and even better life for themselves.” – Mark Bertrand, Graduate Professor at Harvard University
  2. “Lisa has an engaging and dynamic stage presence that inspires everyone who hears her. Not only does she challenge our minds, but she also touches our hearts. We have her speak anytime we can get her.” – Bill Walsh, America’s Business Expert, Author, Platinum Sponsor NY Small Business Expo
  3. “When looking for speakers of our program, the Society of Professional Women look for professionals who align with our mission to accelerate the advancement and expand the influence of women leaders of all professions and generations, strengthen our business community, and support the region’s non-profit organizations. Lisa Lieberman-Wang is a true example of a phenomenal business leader who is giving back to other women by sharing her wealth of knowledge to catapult them into being the best leaders they can be. Her genuine spirit made her an easy facilitator to work with, and also shined through in her presentation. We are grateful that she was able to share her time with us, and that she enabled us to contribute to the FINE to FAB Foundation that educates children, minors, women and disabled so they do not have to live with years of shame, blame or therapy. Our members walked away with more than just a lesson in business. Lisa is a Phenomenal Business Leader & Speaker.” – Nicole Stephenson, Programs Director, Society of Professional Women The Main Line Chamber of Commerce.
  4. “Thank you and your team again for a fabulous job!  I really enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you.  I have been hearing “this was the best meeting yet”, “Lisa was wonderful and so engaging!”, “great lessons learned from today’s meeting.”  “I know I personally learned a lot from you and your team yesterday, thank you.  Thank You for a Fabulous Job!” – Dorothy Kalksma, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.


Lisa’s Keynote Topics:

Overcoming Self-Sabotage -7 Secrets to FAB – Lisa’s Interactive Presentation

As Lisa’s most sought-after seminar, 7 Secrets of FAB is time-tested to teach you practical strategies to stop self-sabotaging in a simple, step-by-step approach.

You will learn how to:

? achieve a happier, more productive life right away,
? balance personal needs with life at work, home, in your relationships, or in multiple aspects of your life,
? take control of your life and feel empowered to start living the  authentic, fulfilled life you deserve
? stop subconsciously hold yourself back,
? recognize the choices in your life and the true power you have over them, and
? discover why you are enough, no matter where you are at in your life at this moment.

Succeeding Despite Adversity

Lisa shares the inspiring story of what she learned during her “best worst years”:
• after years of emotional abuse,
• striving for perfection and never feeling like she was enough,
• date rape at 16 years old,
• a sudden heart attack at 18 years old,
• 6 hospitalizations over the next 13 years dealing with depression which turned into an eating disorder,
• while she managed to get a partial scholarship to college and graduated with honors.
• became a top sales performer at IBM and later MCI bringing in tens of millions of dollars for these companies.
• went on to become a successful entrepreneur building multi-million dollar companies. 
• Professional speaker, trainer, TV personality.
• Her struggles became the basis of #1 Bestseller F.I.N.E. to FAB: 7 Secrets of a Woman’s Journey Away from Depression, Disordered Eating and Self-Sabotage.
• Powerful lessons about hope, determination, faith, and forgiveness required to step up and grow in the face of adversity.
Lisa offers the encouragement and specific steps needed to keep moving forward, whether your challenges surround personal, relationships, professional success, financial stability or your own fight with self-esteem or self-image.

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What LIES Beneath

In this popular corporate seminar, Lisa shows you the clear link between your brain’s psychology and performance and what LIES beneath.
Discover :
  • how training your brain to be positive at work actually fuels greater success,
  • identify the LIE’s that have been keeping you from achieving your goals,
  • how you have been programmed from an early age before you knew it by well-meaning elders, (and it wasn’t all positive)
  • what positive psychology really means on a practical level, and straight forward strategies to achieve a happy state in the midst of change and challenge.

Go for the “NO’s”

A favorite among sales professionals, changing your mindset for success, step-by-step approach.

• 92% Give up after “NO” 
• Research 65% of customers say NO 4x before saying “YES”
• Most people make a mental decision to stop asking based on their own limiting beliefs!
• They are rejecting your product or service not you.
• Somewhere and somehow many we were given a message that “NO” meant they weren’t good enough.
• Learn to seek out rejection and love getting “NO’s”
• The “NO” is the gateway to the promise land. It is the necessary path you must take to get your “YES”. 
• Success Model: The person with the most NO’s gets the most “YESes”


Other popular presentations include:

• The Power of No
• How to Be the Best You Can Be
• 3 Musts to Increase Performance, Productivity & Profitability
• Taking Imperfect Action is True Perfection
• Loving Yourself, No Matter What You Weigh
• Healthcare Crisis: Making Employees Healthier
• Leadership: Leading by Example
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