Dr. Kristin Roush

Dr. Kristin Roush


What If I'm Not Broken?

I want to inspire and empower people through poignant storytelling, free therapy, and humorous reflections on just being human.

Fee Range: $500 - $1,000
Travels from Albuquerque, NM (US)

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Dr. Kristin Roush
Dr. Kristin Roush - Motivational Speaker

The Nob Hill Wellness Center

What If I'm Not Broken?

I want to inspire and empower people through poignant storytelling, "free therapy," and humorous reflections on just being human.

Fee Range: $500 - $1,000
Travels from Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Kristin Roush - Motivational Speaker

Dr. Kristin Roush

The Nob Hill Wellness Center

What If I'm Not Broken?

I want to inspire and empower people through poignant storytelling, "free therapy," and humorous reflections on just being human.

Fee Range: $500 - $1,000
Travels from: Albuquerque, NM

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Quick Overview

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D., the "Lighthearted Professor" and Distinguished Faculty award winner, is the owner of the popular self-development blog, www.MovedandShaken.com. Her graduate degrees are in College Student Personnel Administration, and Counseling and Educational Psychology. 

Dr. Roush specialized in individual and couples therapy when she managed her own private practice as a psychologist for several years. She presented at several national conferences. Her dissertation research was in the area of therapy for Adult Children of Alcoholics. Dr. Roush was an invited speaker at the University of Aukland, where she spoke to faculty and graduate students about Codependency. While in New Zealand, she also conducted workshops for the New Zealand College of Massage about the issues related to doing bodywork with adult children of alcoholics.

Kristin has taught Psychology at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico for over 22 years. Her reputation as a humorist, storyteller, and dispenser of "free therapy" cause her classes to fill in minutes with waitlists every semester.

Dr. Roush is a founding member of the New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference. She has spoken nationally on the topic of Mindfulness in the Classroom and Mindful Self-Compassion to Reduce Test Anxiety. 


Mindfulness/Mindful Self-Compassion "Loved the session on Mindfulness in Business. Dr. Roush is engaging and easily translated the theory into practice."                                                                                                                                                                CNM STEMulus Center Entrepreneurship Workshop Series

In 2013, Kristin was invited to speak at the Mountain States Conference on the Teaching of Psychology in Durango, CO. Bored with the usual topics, she decided to share what she had recently been doing in her classroom teaching. So, she researched the field and presented "Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom." The specific and practical applications were a hit. She went on to present this topic at the annual Teaching Professor Conferences in Boston and Atlanta. Dr. Roush was part of the inaugural team who started the New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference in Albuquerque. 

Her article in the higher education Faculty Focus Newsletter, "Moving From Multitasking to Mindfulness (Magna Publications, March 9, 2015) was listed in the top 15 most popular articles of 2015.

Kristin brings mindfulness to the business world with her workshop, "Mindfulness in the Workplace, Or... "Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!" Participants learn several practical applications and simple adjustments to create a mindful work space for staff.


The Master Teacher "Dr. Roush was outstanding! Maybe she should be the Plenary speaker next year."   Teaching Professor Conference

The college newspaper did an article about the school's top faculty scorers at the website, www.RateMyProfessors.com. Kristin was among those interviewed. She has consistently received high praise from students for her entertaining speaking style, filled with story telling and real life examples to bring the material to life. Many students credit her Introduction to Psychology class for their decision to change their major to Psychology. 

Dr. Roush blended her interest in psychology with her study of successful faculty and developed the talk, "The Lighthearted Professor: Positive Psychology for the Master Teacher." She identified the intersection of traits reported by people with high life satisfaction with those that are associated with being a Master Teacher. This talk became very popular as she urges faculty to become more approachable, humorous, and optimistic in their teaching style. Many specific behaviors in the classroom are identified for particpants so they can apply them first thing on Monday.

Project Graduation Inspiration After a conversation with her Dean, Kristin came up with an inspired idea. The school wanted to urge students to set the goal to graduate from college, not to just acquire college credits. So, the following week, she fashioned a homemade sign that said, "Graduate! You Know You Want To!" She dressed up in her full graduation regalia - robe, doctoral hood, and mortarboard cap and walked all around campus, holding her sign and accosting students, "Are you planning to graduate?" She traipsed through the cafeteria, the library, across the quad, through the tutoring center, down classroom hallways, into the student services building, and out onto the parking lots. She concluded by crashing a meeting of the President with her executive team. This auspicious start was the inception of what was to become Project Graduation Inspiration. Every Fall semester, the faculty and staff from all five campuses surprise the 24,000 students by coming to school dressed in full graduation regalia. Several services are set up to encourage on the spot graduation audits with advisors and registration staff. Faculty are encouraged to talk about the value of graduation in their classrooms on that day. It is now an annual event which has been presented at the annual conference of the American Association of Community Colleges. 

Dr. Roush has published six video projects related to Master Teaching with Magna Publications in Madison, Wisconsin. 

  • How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom? 20 Minute Mentor DVD/Online Workshop
  • What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory? 20 Minute Mentor DVD/Online Workshop
  • How Can Students Use Self-Compassion to Reduce Test Anxiety? 20 Minute Mentor DVD/Online Workshop
  • What Key Factors Influence Test Performance? 20 Minute Mentor DVD/Online Workshop
  • Cultivate Resilience: Six Steps for Stress Inoculation. DVD/On-Demand Seminar
  • Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom. Online Seminar

Leadership    "My favorite speaker at this conference! I got so much "free therapy," thank you"  NCSL Conference

Dr. Roush's work with Magna Publications around higher education teaching best practices soon became known to the branch of Magna that focuses on college student leadership. Kristin has been a popular returning speaker at their annual event, the National Conference on Student Leadership. Her topics have included The Psychology of Leadership Qualities, Stress Spelled Backwards is "Desserts:" Stress Inoculation for Leaders, and a Pre-Conference Workshop, Health and Wellness: Putting the Oxygen Mask on Yourself First.


​Stress Inoculation Training for First Responders    "It was great to have someone talk with us, rather than to us. In my over 10 years of experience, I have never had any sort of class like this and I thought it was a great class!"    Albuquerque Ambulance Services Training

​Several years ago, at the end of a psychology lecture about preventing/healing trauma, a student approached Kristin and said, "I'm a firefighter. You need to teach this to EMS providers." Instantly, a passion was ignited and Dr. Roush began to research the experiences and needs of first responders. She assessed the training and resources available to first responders and discovered a gaping hole where emotional support should be. Over two years, she refined her program, "Stress Inoculation Training for First Responders: An Innovative Approach." This training is NOT your grandmother's tired old stress management workshop. This training stems from a sophisticated look at the psychology of stress and resilience. Dr. Roush looked at what happens to the first responder who is referred to the EAP Counselor after the fact of the trauma. Then, she developed a training to help inoculate the client against being traumatized in the first place, using a balanced belief system, a six step healing process, and the practice of mindfulness/mindful self-compassion. This leading edge training was conducted for over 350 EMS staff at Albuquerque Ambulance Services. The reception was enthusiastic. It has also been presented at two state EMS conferences in New Mexico. Some of the training has been adapted for use in the EMT curriculum at Central New Mexico Community College and at the University of Texas - El Paso. This training has also been adapted for use in any industry or population group.


Assorted Other

Dr. Roush has conducted retreats and corporate training with such companies as Walmart, the YWCA, Southwestern Illinois Community College, and the Student Affairs division of New Mexico State University. She was featured in the Albuquerque Journal Sage Magazine and presented at their evening conference that was available to the public for free. Her Signature talk, "How to "Deal With" Anything and Everything in Life in Just Six Steps" was enthusiastically recieved by over 500 people in attendance. That peak experience many, many years ago sparked the certainty that Kristin was destined to be a sought after professional speaker. 

"I absolutely loved Kris and so did everyone else. Her calm demeanor was so appealing, and I learned so much! This session was SO much FUN!

'Wish I could do the same session again!"      Teaching Professor Conference

Quick Summary - From Kristin 

Welcome to my Profile page! I understand you are looking for a fantastic speaker for your very special event. As you have probably noticed, there are many wonderful speakers here to consider. I would certainly hire most of them. Honestly, it's nice to feel like I am legitimately in the company of some awesome people. Here's the thing. In college, I knew I wanted to be a psychologist. While being a psychologist, I knew I also wanted to teach. While a teacher, I knew I also wanted to be a professional speaker. Now, I have retired as a full time faculty member (I am still an Adjunct Faculty member). In my "retirement" I now want to ramp up my long held passion to speak to people. To travel the world and empower people. To move people. To make people laugh and not take themselves or this life too seriously. I know how I feel while I am speaking. I love it. And many, many people whom I trust, have told me over many years that I am a natural at it, that I "should become a professional speaker." As a teacher, I have said I am just "good at explainin' stuff." I love psychology and explaining what we have learned from psychology to help people to understand themselves better. There is tremendous therapeutic value to finding out that who you are is totally understandable. The title of the book I am working on is What If I'm Not Broken? That pretty much sums up my message - a message of comfort and optimism.

My intention is to prioritize one speaking engagement at a time. I want to focus on you - your message, your event, your needs, and your target audience. I look forward to prioritizing you and working together with you to rock this event! 

Find out more about Dr. Kristin Roush at http://www.MovedandShaken.com.