Mr. David Thomas

Mr. David Thomas

Mr. David Thomas - Motivational Speaker


Making a difference with integrity!

"Leadership's Indispensable Ingredient!"

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Travels from Houston, TX (US)

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Mr. David Thomas
Mr. David Thomas - Motivational Speaker


Making a difference with integrity!

"Leadership's Indispensable Ingredient!"

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Travels from Houston, TX

Mr. <span itemprop=David Thomas - Motivational Speaker" />

Mr. David Thomas


Making a difference with integrity!

"Leadership's Indispensable Ingredient!"

Fee Range: Available Upon Request
Travels from: Houston, TX

  • Certified Speaking Professional

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When I formed IntegriTalk twenty years ago, I sensed at the time that the nation was ripe for a fresh emphasis on eternal values.  Over the years, ethical lapses across the cultural landscape has confirmed that integrity is more important than ever.  When one is analyzing an individual's leadership potential, other virtues such as competence and vision are important, but integrity is ultimately the indispensable ingredient.

With two degrees from the University of Texas at Austin (B.B.A. in Finance and J.D.), I have acquired extensive experience in the public accounting, commercial banking and retailing arenas.  Since the formation of IntegriTalk, I have appeared in 38 states and Canada, speaking (through keynote presentations and interactive seminars) for a wide variety of corporations, firms and associations.  Additionaly, I have contributed several articles over the years and was featured on the syndicated PBS program Living Smart with Patricia Gras.  

In March of 2016, I was certified as a John Maxwell Team Speaker/Coach/Trainer and thus enabled to teach a variety of leadership courses and workshops.

Previous engagements include appearances for the following clients:

  • Alabama Independent Insurance Agents
  • American Academy of Professional Coders (Charm City Chapter)
  • American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (two appearances)
  • American Association of Medical Society Executives 
  • American Bankers Association (four appearances)
  • American College of Emergency Physicians
  • American Council of Engineering Companies 
  • American Marketing Association (International Collegiate Conference)
  • American Medical Association (two appearances)
  • America's Community Bankers 
  • Association of Legal Administrators (over twenty appearances, including keynoting both Regional Conferences in 2017)
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Baylor University
  • Better Business Bureau (Waco, TX)
  • Comerica Bank
  • Court Reporter Associations (GA, MA, MS, NC, PA, TX)
  • David Weekley Homes
  • Ernst & Young
  • GrayRobinson
  • Harrang Long Gary Rudnick
  • Haynes and Boone
  • Health Care Compliance Association
  • Hillcrest Health System
  • Independent Bankers Association of Texas (and twenty-two other state banking associations)
  • Jones Day
  • King & Spalding
  • Leadership Medina County (OH)
  • Marathon Oil
  • Medical Association of the State of Alabama
  • Medical Group Management Association (AK, DE, Four Corners, WA/OR)
  • Meeting Professionals International (Edmonton chapter)
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Million Dollar Round Table 
  • Missouri State University
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Association of Catering Executives (multiple appearances)
  • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (IL, LA, MI, MT, NH, TX)
  • National Association of Legal Search Consultants 
  • National Association of Personal Financial Advisors 
  • National Collegiate Leadership Conference
  • National Institute of Golf Management
  • National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (AR, LA, MAGPPA, RMGPA chapters)
  • Oregon Medical Association
  • Phillips 66
  • Power and Communication Contractors Association
  • Power Tools for Nonprofits Conference (keynote speaker)
  • Radio Advertising Bureau
  • Retail Contractors Association 
  • Society of Government Meeting Professionals
  • Society for Design Administration 
  • Texas Association of Collegiate Testing Personnel
  • Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives
  • University of Houston
  • University of Mississippi
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Virginia Land Title Association 
  • Washington State Medical Association (two appearances)
  • Western Independent Bankers


A meeting planner contemplating integrity as a prospective topic might expect the related presentation to be dry, boring or "preachy."  But mine is none of these.  As a senior executive with the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives once wrote:  "Many of our members thought it an interesting topic before you spoke; they all believed it to be a vital one when you finished."  Or to put it another way:  audience members frequently discover to their amazement that what they needed afterwards was not what they thought they wanted beforehand! 

Finally, here are a representative sample of some "quotable quotes" from those who have heard my presentation on integrity...

"Congratulations on an outstanding presentation!  I truly think you have a powerful message, and the industry needs your wisdom and to remind practitioners and companies to follow the correct path."  (L.C. Maharaj, my captain for 2009 Million Dollar Round Table Focus Session)

"I noticed that the entire audience reacted to everything you said--they were absolutely riveted.  And it's an especially relevant topic for you reminded us that every decision counts, no matter how small, as the ripple effects can be enormous.  You have my total unreserved recommendation...your message crosses all boundaries and it is one that people need to hear."  (Jessica Miller, Association of Legal Administrators--Sacramento Valley Chapter)

"Your delivery is superb and your passion for building up leaders of integrity is nothing short of infectious.  I have heard nothing but high praise for your presentation.  It is reassuring to know that there is a voice like yours challenging the business leaders of our state and nation."  (Des Taylor, CEO/CLO, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors-Texas)

"I have heard nothing but excellent comments from our community banking family regarding your presentation.  Many of them made a point to thank me for having you.  You are a true professional and I would be honored to recommend you without reservation to my counterparts throughout the country or to any association."  (Christopher L. Williston, President and CEO, Independent Bankers Association of Texas) 

"We are still receiving accolades from our membership about your inspiring message.  Inviting a Keynote Speaker from outside of our membership was a new initiative for the Education Committee and you masterfully brought the kind of energy that helped to make this event a huge success."  (Judy Blackwell, Director, Virginia Land Title Association)

"Thank you so much for making our principals' luncheon so special!  Once again I watched as everyone in the room sat mesmerized by your presentation just as they did at the SDA convention in San Antonio.  We have received glowing e-mails about the'll be a hard act to follow!" (Becky Souter, FKP Architects and SDA-Dallas)

"I'm convinced there is not an audience in the country, in any industry, at any age, who would not benefit from David's talk on integrity...(it) was absolutely fantastic!"  (Quinn Hogan, Vice President, NAIFA-NH and Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual)

"As remarkable, entertaining, and inspirational as your presentation is, audience members tell us that the real impact occurs later when they realize that their decision-making process was shaped and refocused by your presentation.  I am confident that our organization will benefit from your guidance and insights on ethical decision-making for many years to come."  (Cal Chaney, American College of Emergency Physicians)

"David takes time to understand his audience and their field of expertise, in an effort to customize his presentation accordingly.  His passion for motivational speaking as well as for the subject of integrity is second to none."  (Joseph Ankus, Executive Director, National Association of Legal Search Consultants)

"Thank you for your eloquent and thoughtful presentation about integrity.  After two days of a variety of leadership talks and workshops, your presentation was the perfect way to conclude the conference."  (John Arveson, Professional Affairs Director, Washington State Medical Association)

"We got so much positive feedback from our members about your presentation style, the breadth of knowledge, and the conviction that you displayed.  I heard some say that they were captured by your words from the very beginning to the end.  We are elated...and I am certain that our organization will look to have you come and present to us again in the future."  (Sam Washington, President, Mississippi Association of Governmental Purchasing/Property Agents) 

"What I received was far more than I was prepared for.  Your presentation threw a stone into the pond we call our being, and I expect the ripples we each felt from the impact will continue for some time.  Many of our attendees were asking how they might get you to speak as the value they saw had meaning enough that they desired to share it with others."  (Wendy Gruver, President, Texas Association of Collegiate Testing Personnel)

"For three years I looked for an opportunity for David Thomas to address the HAAPC, after hearing him at the TAPC Leadership Conference in Austin, where he delivered one of the best messages I've ever heard.  Anywhere.  He's committed to his topic, and his enlightening presentation is conversational and entertaining with what I incorrectly anticipated would be a very dry subject.  In light of events of the past year, his subject is more relevant than ever."  (David Bowles, CPC and President, Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants)

"The fact that you delivered your two hour presentation without notes added significantly to the impact of your material.  In addition, the sincerity with which you presented the material was clearly evident.  You have my highest and unreserved recommendation for future engagements."  (Thomas D. Johns, President, Association of Legal Administrators, Hampton Roads Chapter)

and finally:

"His speech was amazing .  The way he included the audience and the stories he told shows how great a speaker he really is.  It was something I really needed to hear."  (Stephen Keller, Jr., Student, University of Houston)

The bottom line:




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