Gwen Hill

Gwen Hill

The Crossroad Where Skill And Knowledge Meet

There is only one thing guaranteed in life--THAT'S CHANGE-- Are you ready for it?

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Gwen Hill
Gwen Hill - Motivational Speaker

The Crossroad Where Skill And Knowledge Meet

There is only one thing guaranteed in life--THAT'S CHANGE-- Are you ready for it?

Fee Range: Available upon request
Travels from Chicago, IL

Gwen Hill - Motivational Speaker

Gwen Hill

The Crossroad Where Skill And Knowledge Meet

There is only one thing guaranteed in life--THAT'S CHANGE-- Are you ready for it?

Fee Range: Available upon request
Travels from: Chicago, IL

For more information about booking Gwen Hill,
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WOW!   "She is incredible!" Those comments are from Elaine Armitage of Comcast.  This response is just one of the many expressions of praise for Gwen Hill.  She is a captivating speaker, focused trainer, author; and awe-inspiring force in helping others to allow change to push them to greater success.  Gwen was instrumental in the development of several organizations: The Workforce Diversity Institute at Northeastern Illinois University, which offers training in the areas of Organizational Leadership and Diversity; and Kingdom Business Institute, a learning organization for financial literacy, job readiness and professional development. Ms. Hill is a member of the Advisory Board for The Federal Reserve Bank’s Money Smart Week program and a frequent contributor to Grace Today Magazine.


Celebrating Diversity

Seems simple doesn’t it?  All one needs to do is scan the Internet and find out about the cuisine of the people they work with, use the right words and smile when necessary!  Then everything will be all right.  Right?  WRONG!  This speech uses music and humor to help the audience see that their external differences are just that - external and should be used as a way to understand and celebrate their individuality.  The take away from this speech is the understanding that the most important factor is a "diversity of thought" and its impact on the growth of each individual - which translates to a more inviting workplace.  It is said that if everyone was the same, someone would be unnecessary.  Diversity of thought ensures that we have enough great minds at the table to help move the organization forward.

 Resolving Conflict Without Blowing Up, Burning Out, Or Losing Control!

Effective leadership in changing times demands that business owners and managers recognize and fully address the unquestionable relationship between change and conflict.  Ms. Hill’s light hearted talk focuses on understanding the origin, inevitability, and necessity of conflict in a growing business.  

Often organizations focus on the technical and not the adaptive changes needed in the workplace which avoids dealing with the natural conflict that will occur .  Since adaptive change is much harder to plan for and requires fundamental shifts, organizations typically leave this change to the individual’s ability to “adapt”.  Learn while laughing as Ms. Hill explores the best methods to help your employees benefit from the conflict that change can bring.  So take your finger out of the dam and embrace the skills that resolve conflict and prevent blow ups, burn outs, and a loss of control.

Just Do You! The 7 Steps to Giving Your Best at Work

Can we talk?  If we are honest, we would admit that every job is an opportunity for us to shine.  But while we are “shining” we need to ensure that the main benefactor is the company we work for, our coworkers, clients, and customers.  Ms. Hill will show you how to showcase your talents, pump up your resume, and help to create an inviting workplace where people like to come to work, customers are raving fans, and the company is earning more money and making more sales than they ever thought possible!


Each speech and course provides the participant with a written take away for future reflection and learning. 


“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed your conference. I was unfulfilled in my position as an Office Manager and approached the seminar looking for practical answers that I could take back to the workplace, I was touched by your presentation, and the time spent helping people." Donna Bernier

“The instructor made the class! She was very informative, great with explaining details, making sure everyone understood. I enjoyed this class! Gwen Hill is an excellent instructor! “Gwen Hill is the most dynamic trainer that I have ever heard! What an asset! I came away from the seminar feeling that I could accomplish whatever it was that I set out to do. Although the room was filled with many people, I really felt that Gwen was talking to me as an individual. I spent five sessions with her; She was able to relate business situations to everyday situations. She is very much a people person and has an obvious love for life." Linda Gould

“The Administrative Assistants Conference was unlike any I have ever attended. The very last session I attended entitled, “Believe In Yourself, Eliminating Beliefs That Chip Away At Your Confidence," virtually moved me to tears. The depth and intuitiveness of Mrs. Gwen Hill’s presentation was phenomenal. The knowledge I gained is too voluminous to name. Her words are still resonating in my head this morning, and I had to write you to tell you what a treasure she is. I have never enjoyed a seminar so much. Her words were filled with heart and healing.” Jacqueline Kerns, Administrative Assistant, Detroit East, Inc.

“Your knowledge of the subject matter was most impressive. It appeared that there were some very experienced individuals in the class and your answers to their questions showed me that you knew what you were supposed to know. Plus your ability to switch gears and help the novice grasp their basic principles was most impressive. Because of the various skill levels in a class of this nature, I felt that the challenge of keeping everyone interested was going to be difficult. However, as the seminar progressed I noticed that everyone was able to follow you very well." Charles A. Von Bokel, TSI Graphics

“Your presentation was both illuminating and highly relevant to the issues of the course. They will, I am certain, benefit from the insights which your work has brought you. You have enriched our conversation enormously, and we are very grateful for the time that you have given to us." Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Master of Science in Education Program, Northwestern University

"I was hoping to get a few pointers businesswise and enjoy a few hours away from the office...and WOW –did I get so much more. Do you realize the gift you have in this woman? She is incredible -- I got so much more from her sessions than I expected. She genuinely touched me and said just what I, on a personal level needed to hear. She is so incredibly gifted in the way she presents her material, both on a professional and yes on a personal level, that I just had to write. By the time the day had ended, I felt that I had gone to a weekend retreat. …You have a gem in Gwen, she is professional, and she knows her stuff and conveys it in such a way that it is entertaining, meaningful and useful.” Elaine Armitage, Comcast Division Thomcast, Communications, Inc.

“You have been a blessing. I did not only accumulate head knowledge, but you have touched my heart and encouraged me to accomplish the purpose for my life.” Marilyn Gatchalian, City of Milpitas, CA

“I learned so much from this training that if I were to thank you for everything, you would have to read entirely too much; so let me just thank you once more….I feel 'Touched by an Angel' and I want you to know that I don’t think I will ever be the same. Thank you for carrying out your purpose in life so that I have been able to benefit from it." Barbara Aygun

 Ms. Hill is proud to list the following organizations as clients:

• American Hospital Association, Chicago, IL
• Ancel, Glink, LLP, Chicago, IL
• Awakened Alternatives Enterprises, Inc., Olympia Fields, IL
• Bank of America, San Francisco, CA
• Battle River Regional High School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
• Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, IL
• Daley College, Chicago, IL
• Department of Defense, Tuscaloosa, AL
• Department of Employment Security, Madison, WI
• Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.
• Department of Labor, Washington, D.C. 
• Fifth Third Bank, Harvey, IL
• Freeborn & Peters, LLC, Chicago, IL
• Great Oaks Center of Technology, Cincinnati, OH
• Hillsboro Public Schools, Hillsboro, OH
• Kaleidoscope Inc., Chicago, IL
• Kingdom Business Institute, Harvey, IL
• Mayer Brown LLP, Chicago, IL
• Mentor Network, Rolling Meadows, IL
• Morgan Lewis, LLP, Princeton, NJ, San Jose, CA
• Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL
• Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
• Perfect Access Speer, Chicago, IL
• Productivity Point International, Chicago, IL
• Reed Smith LLP, Chicago, IL
• Richland Parish School, Rayville, LA
• Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Cerisi, LLP, Minneapolis, MN
• Segal Company, Chicago, IL, Princeton, NJ
• SkillPath Seminars, Kansas City, MO
• TransUnion, Chicago, IL
• Traveling Coaches, Inc., Dallas, Texas
• Triton College, River Grove, IL
• Tying It Altogether, Des Plaines, IL
• Vedder Price, PC, Chicago, IL
• Winston & Strawn, Attorneys at Law
• Valley Kingdom Ministries International, Harvey, Oak Forest and South Holland

 Gwen can create a seminar, class or key note speech designed specifically to meet the current need of your organization. Gwen is available for full- or half-day events as well as keynote speeches on various topics.

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Programs or talks by Gwen are life changing! Your team members will work together more effectively as they realize the importance of diversity in duties, personalities, and thought and their power to revolutionize your corporate atmosphere!
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