Bryan Golden

Bryan Golden

Bryan Golden - Motivational Speaker

Dare to Live Without Limits

Rocket Fuel for the Mind -- Bryan is a recognized self-development and motivational expert, speaker, author, nationally syndicated columnist, and highly rated adjunct professor.

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Bryan Golden
Bryan Golden - Motivational Speaker

Dare to Live Without Limits

Rocket Fuel for the Mind -- Bryan is a recognized self-development and motivational expert, speaker, author, nationally syndicated columnist, and highly rated adjunct professor.

Fee Range: Available upon request
Travels from Hopewell Jct., NY

Bryan Golden - Motivational Speaker

Bryan Golden

Dare to Live Without Limits

Rocket Fuel for the Mind -- Bryan is a recognized self-development and motivational expert, speaker, author, nationally syndicated columnist, and highly rated adjunct professor.

Fee Range: Available upon request
Travels from: Hopewell Jct., NY

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Why Bryan is an ideal speaker for your event:

  • Bryan is a recognized self-development and motivational expert, speaker, author, syndicated columnist, and highly rated adjunct professor. He is also listed in Who's Who in America. Bryan is noted for his concise, easy to understand, and direct style of communicating. He has an exceptional ability to distill any principle to its essential elements.
  • Bryan's management consulting firm assists businesses and individuals with their development, growth, and success. His clients include Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium sized businesses, professional practices, organizations, universities, non-profits, and government agencies.
  • Bryan's programs are packed with practical, easily applied tips and techniques proven to work in the real world. He uses stories and examples to illustrate the concepts being presented. 
  • Bryan's audiences relate to his easy-going style of communicating. They enjoy the humorous stories and examples that illustrate his concepts. His delivery is simple, straightforward, to the point, and easy to understand. Bryan's presentations are always enthusiastically received. Bryan guarantees you will be thrilled with his programs.
  • Bryan is the author of Dare to Live Without Limits, the popular book that is helping people to maximize their potential in order to attain their dreams. His nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column, Dare to Live Without Limits, has been published since 2002. The column is avidly read and elicits a steady flow of ebullient comments from its ardent followers.
  • Bryan's weekly Motivational Minute is broadcast on numerous stations throughout the country. He is a constantly sought after and entertaining guest on radio stations nationwide. Audiences love to hear his straightforward advice on how they can fix common, yet elusive, problems.


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Who are Bryan's audiences?

  • Bryan speaks to a wide variety of audiences including: corporations, organizations, associations, non-profits, schools, universities, conventions, and seminars.

What are Bryan's formats?

  • Bryan presents in various formats which include: keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, seminars, lectures, coaching, custom presentations, or any combination.

Bryan's mission is to empower people to break through their limitations in order to attain outstanding objectives, beyond all expectations.

Bryan supplies rocket fuel for the mind. His pioneering work enables organizations and individuals to accomplish more than they thought possible.  Bryan can speak on a wide variety of subjects. You can select from one of the listed topics or Bryan will customize a program based on your specific requirements and desired outcome.


What are some program examples?


Dare to Live Without Limits: How to Harness the Secrets of Success

Limitations are a brick wall. Breaking through them is the key to accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. We erroneously assume we are limited by external factors that are beyond our control. In actuality, our limitations are self-imposed. You will learn the same secrets utilized by highly successful people to break free of the chains that restrict you.

Don't Wait to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is more than just wasting time. Procrastinating will cause you to miss opportunities, generate stress, create frustration, and reduce your productivity. You will learn what causes procrastination and effective strategies for reducing or eliminating it.

Setting and Achieving Goals and Breaking Through Limitations

Goals are essential for making progress in your job or business. But goals are difficult, if not impossible to attain when you have limitations that impede your progress. Most limitations are self-imposed and can be overcome. You will learn how to identify goals and create a workable plan for their achievement. You will also discover how limitations are formed along with practical, simple techniques for breaking through your limitations in order to achieve all that you want.

Overcome Challenges, Conquer Obstacles, and Get Through Tough Times

As much as you plan and prepare, life is full of unexpected challenges and obstacles. Especially in your business or job, understanding how to overcome adversity is essential. Those people who know how to get through tough times are the ones who not only succeed, but also excel. You will learn how to solve problems and overcome challenges. Additionally, you will understand how to adjust your thinking to enable you to get through tough times.

Dealing With Conflict and Managing Stress

At work and in your personal life you are often exposed to conflict and stress. This program will help you understand what are the causes of stress and conflict. You will learn numerous techniques to enable you to deal with conflict without becoming bitter and angry. Applying the principles you learn will enable you to be much happier and more content in all you do.

How To Handle Difficult People

Everyone has to interact with difficult people. No matter what you do or where you go, there is no escaping these troublesome individuals. Life is always going to have its share of difficult people, but you can save yourself a world of misery, rage, and pain by learning how to effectively handle them! Learn the tools you need to make your interactions with difficult people more manageable and less stressful and draining than you ever thought possible.

The Power Within: How to Attract All You Want

Your mind can be directed to bring you the life that you want without having to settle or suffer. Only thoughts and attitude differentiate success from failure. There are many definitions of success, but only one definition of failure: giving up. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Learn how to use the power of your mind to bring all of your dreams to reality.

Overcoming Adversity

Successfully overcoming adversity is essential for a healthy life. Overcoming adversity builds mental strength, character, and endurance. You develop in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Learn practical, effective strategies for overcoming and dealing with adversity.

What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself?

Without discrimination, your brain believes whatever you tell it and immediately goes to work figuring a way to make the statements happen. Your mind processes your self-talk 24 hours a day. Learn how to monitor and correct your self-talk to ensure you are only telling yourself those things you want to become reality.

Activity vs. Productivity

You're always busy. There's just not enough time in each day to do all the things you need or want to do. You try to be as efficient as possible. It’s as if you're on a treadmill. And no matter how fast you run, the treadmill is moving a little faster than you are. You will learn the difference between activity and productivity and how to focus your efforts on the latter.

Lead By Example

Managers and supervisors are most effective when they lead by example. It's easy to get overwhelmed by work and lose track of priorities. Respect is earned, not demanded. Learn how to avoid becoming isolated from the needs, problems, and issues of your subordinates. Discover effective delegation methods. Understand why empowering is more productive than assigning. Techniques for developing and maintaining capable staff will also be addressed. How to use recognition as an effective motivational tool will be discussed.

Starting and Running A Business: Mind Power, Management, and Financial Secrets for Success

Starting and running any business can be very challenging. Learn concepts, techniques, and principles that will help you succeed. Discover what successful businesses do to not only survive, but to excel. Applying the proper financial, management, and mental skills will enable you to thrive while other businesses are struggling.

Why Some Survive and Others Don't

When faced with disasters, ordinary people who survive display extraordinary will. Surprisingly, those who make it through adversity are not, on the surface, the ones you would predict would survive. They are not the strongest or in the best shape. They range in age from children to the elderly. What are the traits shared by these incredible people? How can you learn to incorporate the same characteristics into your own life to help you succeed in all you do?

Knock Your Socks Off Customer Service

Businesses with exceptional customer service are significantly more resistant to economic fluctuations than their competitors. Knock Your Socks Off Customer service provides your business with an unlimited potential for customer retention, stability, and growth.

Remarkable customer service is the foundation of a thriving business. Happy customers are fiercely loyal and will patronize your business even if a competitor’s prices might be a little lower or services more extensive. Providing outstanding customer service costs no more than poor service yet has an awesome positive impact on profits. This program will provide the participants with practical and effective customer service techniques that are easily utilized and instilled in the entire staff.

Self-evaluation and Change

How can you improve your productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and accomplish your goals? Self-evaluation enables you to assess where you are now and formulate a plan to improve those areas you feel need enhancement. When objective, you are the best judge of yourself. You will learn how to accurately assess yourself as well as learning some effective techniques to implement change and develop new habits.

Negotiating Successfully

Everyone needs to know how to negotiate in order to realize their goals. Virtually all aspects of life involve negotiation. The ability to negotiate successfully is a valuable skill that can be utilized both professionally and personally. This program will explain the basic steps of negotiation. You will learn practical negotiation techniques that can be applied in any situation.

Developing Self-Esteem

Poor self-esteem can have a negative influence on all aspects of your life while a strong, positive self-esteem will give you a significant boost. You will gain an understanding of the various components of self-esteem, learn how to assess your current level of self-esteem, and discover many practical and effective ways to improve your self-esteem.

The Art of Effective Listening

Effective listening is essential to excel both professionally and personally. Most people listen at only about 25% of their capacity. Being a good communicator requires the ability to hear and understand what is being said. This program will provide you with tips and techniques to improve your listening skills. You will learn how to overcome listening obstacles and avoid common pitfalls.

Cultivating Positive Assertiveness

Positive assertiveness is a key component to creating personal success and making things happen for you. Being assertive entails thinking assertively, feeling confident, and behaving positively. In this program, you will learn to develop and strengthen each of these aspects. You can be a nice person without allowing others to take advantage of you.

Personal and Professional Time Management

Do you have more to get done than there are hours in a day? Developing effective time management skills will enable you to hop off the time treadmill and accomplish more than you thought possible. Effective time management is also a key component to being successful in all you do. A beneficial side effect is reduced stress and increased satisfaction. You will learn how to better manage your time so you can get more done in less time.

The Winning Mental Edge: Beyond Peak Performance

This presentation provides attendees with rocket fuel for their minds. The program is specifically formulated to help individuals refine the mental edge needed to excel in all situations.

A person’s mindset is critical for moving beyond barriers restricting peak performance. There are numerous instances where individuals and organizations are successful, even against the odds, because of their unstoppable determination.

This dynamic presentation is packed full of proven, practical, and effective techniques designed to instill your staff with the mental tools they need to push past their perceived limits.

Public Speaking: Giving Effective Presentations

This program will provide practical techniques for giving effective presentations. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

• How to organize a presentation
• The three essential components of every presentation
• Tips for using visual aids
• Overcoming stage fright

Calming Upset Customers: Staying Effective During Unpleasant Situations

Regardless of the quality of your customer service, you will not be able to please everyone. No matter how hard you try, you will encounter upset customers. This program will empower your staff with the insight and approach they need to respond quickly and professionally to upset customers.

Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service

Due to the lack of visual clues such as body language and facial expressions, phone communication is more challenging than personal contact. Helping your staff learn correct telephone techniques and develop the skills required to provide the best possible customer service is the objective of this program. Four major areas are covered: understanding the basics of providing exceptional customer service, learning proper telephone techniques, understanding the customer’s needs and wishes, and managing the customer’s perception.

Attitude: A Practical Guide to Better Human Relations

Attitude is often the key determining factor as to whether a person is successful or not. Attitude is totally under our control. Yet, too many people fail to manage their attitude in a way to produce the best possible results. This program covers the impact of attitude on all facets of life, how to assess your current attitude, understanding the impact of outside forces on attitude, and tips and techniques for maintaining positive control of your attitude.

A Practical Guide for the New Supervisor

The quality of first line supervision has an immediate impact on employee productivity and morale. A newly promoted supervisor, although highly competent in his or her previous position, finds himself or herself in a completely new environment that requires effective management skills. This program assists the new supervisor in understanding and implementing the techniques they need to ensure their success and the effectiveness of their departments.

Effective Performance Appraisals: Conducting More Productive and Positive Appraisals

Performance appraisals can be either difficult and depressing or dynamic and positive. When implemented properly, they can help employees capitalize on their strengths while working to overcome their weaknesses. However, when appraisals are mishandled, employees can become demoralized leading to increased turnover and diminished productivity. This program covers how to conduct appraisals that improve performance and encourage employees.

Effective Meeting Skills: How to Plan and Conduct High Quality Meetings

Although meetings are a ubiquitous tool in all organizations, their effectiveness is too often minimal, taking up lots of time without any measurable results. Effective meeting skills are essential for meetings to be worthwhile. This program will help both meeting leaders and participants improve the quality and efficiency of meetings. When planned and conducted properly, meetings are an effective tool for realizing objectives and reaching goals.

Team Building: Increasing Organizational Success and Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

When properly formed and utilized, teams will increase productivity and efficiency while accomplishing more goals than individuals working independently or in groups. Team members also experience higher job satisfaction due to an enhanced sense of participation and contribution. This program discusses how to put together effective teams and as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Risk Taking: Learning to Manage Risk More Effectively

How do you deal with situations involving risk? Are there strategies you can use to manage risk more effectively? The amount of risk that is warranted is dependent on each particular set of circumstances. This program shows you how to analyze the risk/benefit ratio in order to determine how much risk is appropriate for your situation and personality.

Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problems are a normal part of life. The decisions you make in addressing problems can bring solutions or exacerbate your circumstances. This program will provide you with techniques to identify and objectively assess problems. You will learn to target the source of problems rather than just the symptoms. You will then explore effective ways for finding workable solutions.

Better Business Writing and Communication

Clear and concise writing skills are essential for effective business communication. When the writer’s message is vague or misconstrued, numerous problems ensue. Whether the communication is a report, brochure, press release, memo, email, or text message, it’s essential that the writer is able to communicate his or her thoughts coherently. This program will help you quickly improve your written communication skills regardless of what you write.

Organizing Your Workspace and Workplace

This program is for you if:

You are drowning in a sea of paper, your computer generates more paper than it eliminates, you save most of the paper crossing your desk in case you need it again, you spend too much time shuffling, storing, reorganizing, and locating papers, or you are overwhelmed about where to store all the paper you accumulate. This program will help you dig out from under your ever increasing sea of paper. You will learn how to eliminate much of the paper choking your day and efficiently manage the rest.

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