Bob Davies

Bob Davies

America's Performance Coach and motivational speaker

Bob Davies, author of The 1.2 Factor, teaches the scientific principles of performance excellence, accountability, mindset, attitude, teamwork, leadership and more.

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Bob Davies
Bob Davies - Motivational Speaker

America's Performance Coach and motivational speaker

Bob Davies, author of "The 1.2% Factor", teaches the scientific principles of performance excellence, accountability, mindset, attitude, teamwork, leadership and more.

Fee Range: Available upon request
Travels from Newport Beach, Ca

Bob Davies - Motivational Speaker

Bob Davies

America's Performance Coach and motivational speaker

Bob Davies, author of "The 1.2% Factor", teaches the scientific principles of performance excellence, accountability, mindset, attitude, teamwork, leadership and more.

Fee Range: Available upon request
Travels from: Newport Beach, Ca

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Bob was named as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders in personal performance by Excellence Magazine. As a college football coach he developed behavioral techniques enabling athletes at Cal State Fullerton to execute “best effort every play” resulting in two conference championships.

He was also a coach of an Olympic wrestler who won a gold medal in the 1984 Olympics. Bob started his company of training business professionals in 1983.

He is a fitness fanatic, a father of three, a pilot and a skydiver with 2000 jumps. He has a M.Ed. in Psychology and a B.S. in Health.

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Keynote, up to three hours, plus full day available. Call for fees.

Bob Davies Sales Keynote Program: "The Sky Is Not The Limit - You Are!"
Time: customized, one to two hours


Purpose: To give the audience the knowledge and techniques to enable themselves and others to be energized and in action towards reaching their health goals. This presentation also leads to living with "balance" in one's life. More good news - the techniques learned in this program are equally effective in improving business results.

Two Objectives:

To understand and be able to teach the principles of human nature that inhibit performance.

To implement both personally and for others, a system of specific declarations and accountability resulting in elite performance and the actual implementation of the activities necessary to reach declared goals.

Keynote Description: This is a high energy, fun, and visual journey into the inner workings of the minds of elite performers. Once an audience understands what separates hopes and dreams from reality, there will be no stopping them.

Bob has cracked the code on dealing with fear. When you take fear away, there is nothing stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Your audience will be energized and cheer wildly with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality as they finally realize how they can now get themselves to do what they have always wanted to do. They will go from hope to reality. This results in improved health, increased income and more fulfilling relationships.

The audience will experience a wide range of emotions as they go from laughter to silence, sitting on the edge of their chairs, hanging on each word of the stories of ordinary people who have applied these principles and accomplished beyond their beliefs!

Your audience will also experience the power of this program by making one commitment to action over the next seven days, and by being held accountable they will accomplish their promise.

They will have the tools to continue to experience the freedom from fear long after the session has ended. Your group will stop making excuses and start making more sales!

Through the use of metaphors, this presentation illustrates how each individual's internal dialogue is their own biggest competitor. This presentation is principle based. There are three core principles; 1) I do what I say I will do, 2) I can't do it alone. I am far better off as a part of a team even for my individual goals, and 3) Accountability-I am the source of all that I experience.

This presentation implements a system of specific declarations with strategic planning, plus accountability through partnering, as the long term template to ensure that the principles of the program and anticipated results are not lost as time goes on.

Implications for your convention audience: Knowledge and use of this performance system enables each participant to be leaders and to energize other people through their leadership. This program is interactive, fast paced, high impact and fun!

Content Level: Appropriate for all levels.



Notes On Keynote Programs:

Who is your biggest competitor? It is not the environment, competing companies, the interest rates, the area of the country where you live, etc. Your biggest competitor is yourself!

Bob's main keynote program has two parts. The first part identifies what it means to be your own biggest competitor. The second part is an intervention. Now that you know what stops or competes with you, how do you successfully compete with yourself?

Human nature is our biggest competitor. The way that you are as a human being actually competes with your desires to reach your goals. Bob's keynote program is based on basic principles that enable you to be a great predictor of performances.

The first principle is called the human performance law. It states the following:

All human performance is either the avoidance of pain, or the seeking of comfort.

This is like a demonstration Bob will do involving gravity. Regardless of your belief about gravity, or your willingness to participate with gravity, gravity will exert its effects on you with or without your permission. If you hold a pencil between two fingers and then let it go, it will fall! No matter what, it will fall. You can deny or ignore the existence of gravity and gravity will still prevail!

The same is true for the above human performance principle. All individuals are driven to avoid pain or seek comfort. This is the driving force for all people. This means that behavior is predictable. People will work up to their comfort zones and then avoid.

Bob will demonstrate a model that explains the role of rationalization in human performance. When a person perceives that an activity is uncomfortable, like prospecting, the natural human nature response is to avoid and then to justify that avoidance with rationalization.

Rationalization is the justification of avoidance and we all do it! It isn't good or bad, it is simply a part of being a human being. This rationalization is in the form of internal dialogue, or, talking to ourselves. Bob is known throughout the country for his metaphor of the Alien and rationalization.

Bob will do an activity with your entire audience that will put your audience in a situation that will compete with their comfort zone. Then he will show his Alien metaphor, which is the right hand over the face, and have the entire audience using this metaphor. He will ask the audience to shout out the words "fear is a lie". Just that request is enough to make the audience uncomfortable. Just the thought of "screaming" those words is enough to illustrate another one of Bob's major keynote points, "people will not consistently do what they don't feel like doing". The Alien metaphor is so amusing and powerful, that it becomes the highlight of the convention. People walk around constantly putting their hands up to their faces reminding themselves that they are having negative internal self talk.

This leads to another major point in the presentation, that perception is the key. The way that you think effects how you feel, which effects what you will or will not do! Bob will illustrate your ability to control your perception, or, what you pay attention to, through the use of a magic trick. This is a wonderful way to illustrate to a group that what they think they are experiencing might not be what is actually happening.

The main keynote program will help your audience to understand the three main human resistences that must be dealt with to improve performances, life fulfillment, and goal achievement.

Three major resistances:

1) People will resist doing activities that they don't feel like doing.
2) People will resist doing activities that they perceive as being uncomfortable.
3) People will resist, fear, and avoid change.

At the end of the first part of the main keynote, your audience will not only have been entertained and educated, but they also will have a new insight and understanding about themselves. This new insight will enable them to let go of judgment about their own performances or lack of results. They will have a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

The second part of the main keynote is the solution. The problem is human nature's constantly seeking comfort. The solution is an easy to implement, simple system for focus, clarity, and accountability.

Here is where the magic is in Bob's keynote program. He will show your audience how to "surrender" to human nature. Let's not try to fight human nature. Our orientation of avoiding pain and seeking comfort is always going to be with us. What would happen, if we could somehow perceive staying on a diet as avoiding pain and seeking comfort? What would happen if we could see exercising as seeking comfort. It really is all about perception. If we can change our thinking, we can change our results.

Bob will use an audience participation "business card" example, that will shift your audiences' perception. Now, taking the action that they said is important to them to take, will be viewed as seeking comfort. Using the technique your audience will learn, it will be perceived as avoiding pain and seeking comfort to diet, or, go to the gym, or, prospect! This is worth the speaking fee itself! It works immediately! It is non threatening! It is something your audience will thank you for providing for them because now they will have a simple, easy to use technique that enables them to have breakthroughs in their performances.

Bob's presentation is fast paced, very entertaining, extremely unique and original, and very high in educational value! You will be very pleased! As important, your audience will bombard you with comments such as, "the best speaker we have ever had!"

This program will be customized with an in depth needs assessment so that the specific challenges and issues that your group faces on a daily basis are included in the program.Your audience will know that Bob did his homework prior to speaking to them!



Manager Keynote: "The Manager As A Coach"
Time: one to three hours

Coaching is not managing, training, or, consulting. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is a relationship which fosters discovery, self learning, and, accountability. The result of coaching is a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, focus, and a "being in action" mentality. This is a stand alone program, or, can follow the sales keynote.

There is audience participation as they are able to practice the techniques they experience in the program. The audience will learn very simple and powerful ways to ask powerful questions. Some of the world's greatest therapists were interviewed and they have a common way of asking questions that are very revealing to their clients. This will be a part of the program.

Bob will also give your audience three "magic" phrases that will instantly dramatically increase your audiences ability to have an impact in communicating with another person. Everyone can do this.

This program is unlike anything most people have experienced! It will be a new approach that even your most experienced manager or sales person has not seen before!


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