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Miracle Money Method
More Profit, More Pay, More Peace of Mind
If you’re bringing revenue in but your business is struggling financially, it’s time to consider a new way of thinking, managing your business finances, and doing business – one that will get you focused on profit and, at the same time, rein in the expenses that are currently killing your profits. No matter how much money you have coming in, if you’re only focused on revenue and growth, or caught up in the sell-spend-panic cycle, you may not to have much to show for your “bigger” business and all your hard work. Imagine what it would be like to have the money you earn from all your hard work serving and working FOR you – rather than you being a slave to it…With the Miracle Money Method you will... Look at how your mindset and habits around money affect your financial decisions Learn a foolproof accounting system that will shift your focus from expenses to profits Make it easy for you to clearly see what’s coming in,...


Travels From: St. Louis, MO
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Growing Beyond Small
The 9 Tenets of Business Growth and Sustainability
This workshop is for those who are finding it challenging to grow their business to the next level. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners who were successful in launching their businesses find it challenging to keep it afloat and even more so to grow it beyond the micro-enterprise level. This is because the skills and talents needed to move a business forward differ from those tapped into to start a business. Workshop participants will learn to utilize these talents and skills as well as gain an understanding of the research-based 9 tenets needed to successfully grow a business.


Travels From: Appleton or Milwaukee, WI
Fee Range: Varies

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