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6 C’s of Success:
Why Not You.... You are more than capable!

​Coach McKenzie offers 45-60 minute keynote address: As an educator Coach McKenzie teams has consistenly beaten the odds as it realtes to the Achievement gap. With a highly structured program and a group of dedicated coaches, he has developed a program with tremendous academic success, under his leadership the team also showed tremendous improvement in the classroom, increasing the team GPA ...


Travels From: Minneapolis, MN
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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You ARE the Innovation
Educators as Catalyst

85% of educational success comes directly from teacher (& another 10% from Principal) skill, talent & energy. This makes teachers the single most valuable asset of any school or district, and Principals by way of their access to and guidance of them. Yet neither seldom get the credit deserved for their adaptability and enthusiasm. Let's break through the barriers of teacher-bashing and give "pr...


Travels From: Cincinnati, OH
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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