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How to Use Gratitude to Reduce STRESS in the Workplace
Practical Ways to Decrease Stress & Increases Productivity

In this informative and motivational presentation, you will acquire practical ways to use scientific GRATITUDE to alter the way your brain takes in stressful situations. Modern science can show you that STRESS itself is not the enemy, but rather the inability to recognize cumulative, toxic stress in our lives. Experience constructive ways to decrease stress in your organization by creating more gr...


Travels From: Dallas, TX
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Science of Success
Proven Strategies to Help You Set, Attain, and Crush Your Goals
No More Toxicity
Getting Past Workplace Toxicity to Create Productive Employees

Workplace toxicity can bring an entire team, department, or company down. It can cause large turnover, result in great talent declining job offers, and overall negative culture and workplace energy. Management and leadership roles have a big responsibility in not only creating toxic work environments, but they also have an opportunity to restore a positive culture and create productive and happ...


Travels From: Pittsburgh
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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God, The Puzzler Maker
Finding How to Have the Right Relationships in Your Life

We all have people in our lives, there's no way around that unless we become a remote hermit. Some of those relationships build, encourage, and strengthen who God made us to be. However, sometimes there are those relationships that are very toxic and harmful to us, keeping us bound in fear, anxiety, doubt, and disbelief in who we are to be in Christ. 1. Learn how to recognize the good, bad, and ...


Travels From: Hattiesburg, MS
Fee Range: Open

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