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Global Beads
Inclusion Leadership: Valuing, Engaging and Leveraging Diversity!

This is so much more than just your average Diversity Training! This program helps participants understand the ideas of Inclusive Leadership. We discuss the diversity wheel and show how one's personal experiences and culture influence our interpretation of words and behaviors in the workplace. Large organizations that struggle with melding the Boomers with the Gen X's and the Millennials will ...


Travels From: Buffalo, NY
Fee Range: Available upon request

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Bring Your Business Writing into the 21st Century
Improve and refresh your grammar and proofreading skills.

We all want to be better writers and make sure our thoughts are clearly received. This workshop (half-day or full-day) will show you just how to bring your writing into the 21st century. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to: - make sure subjects and verbs agree; - describe the difference between active and passive voice; - describe when it is good to break punctuati...


Travels From: Long Island, NY
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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