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7 Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say
Practical Tools to Build Engaged, Productive, Innovative Teams
Engaged and motivated teams are essential to your success. In this presentation, participants will receive tools to cultivate an innovative, responsible, results-oriented team. These tools have the potential to double productivity, leverage your time by a factor of ten, and maximize your credibility. You don't need buckets of charisma - they just need to hear you say these seven things. Participants will discover: • the secret to doubling the productivity of their entire team in just 5 minutes a month. • ways to dynamically reverse the team’s attitude from “we can’t” to an enthusiastic “we can” without threats, large sticks, or begging. • easy to implement tools to find more time for your work and get more work from your team. • three keys to build teams stacked with creative problem solvers, not problem-passers. • two words that instantly build credibility and influence. • practices to be a leader people respect and want to follow.


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: Open

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Defining The Enemy; 5 Principles for Winning Your Battles and Developing Your People
5 Principles for Winning Your Battles and Developing Your People (Leadership)
These 5 Key Principles help you and your team define the enemy, leverage strengths, identify barriers, discuss the battlefield and then development of your leadership team. Interactive workshop or conference keynote, seminar. Program developed from leadership book being released early 2014


Travels From: Cedarburg, WI
Fee Range: Varies

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