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Wilderness Living and Survival Skills
Personal survival and wilderness living experiences and strategies

Do you know the number one priority for any survival situation? It's our psychological state. Mindset impacts our choices and actions, which in turn are reflected in our quality of life. Nature can be the greatest teacher of the importance of this lesson.

Dr. Nicole Apelian speaks from her passion, experience, and expertise as a wilderness living instructor and shares stories from her own personal survival experiences, including tales from her time on theHistory Channel reality series Alone where ten people enter the unforgiving and harsh terrain of the Vancouver Island wilderness carrying only what they can fit in a small backpack with the mission to stay alive as long as they can. During her time on 'Alone', Nicole had to rely on her wilderness living experience to hunt, build shelter, fend off predators, and endure extreme isolation and psychological distress. It was the ultimate test of human will.

In this engaging talk, Nicole will share how wilderness livi


Travels From: Portland, OR
Fee Range: Open

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