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What Business Are You REALLY in?
How to Make your Competition Irrelevant
Whether you are a new entrepreneur or seasoned veteran, you may not really understand the business you are in. The truth is that most business owners and leaders do not. Many think it has something to do with your product or the service you provide, but only few understand that it is really about the feeling that your customer receives when they do business with you. In this lively, informative and interactive presentation I will share a strategic framework that will apply to any company and help you understand the power of identifying the business you are really in and what you can do to deliver true value to your customers every time. This simple shift in perspective will forever change the way you view your company, your customers and yourself as business owners and leaders. Main Points of Focus ALL businesses must deliver a Value Proposition to their customers. Value Propositions are best stated in terms of "feelings". There is a framework to help business owners ...


Travels From: Frisco, TX
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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