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Synergy In 3 Easy Steps: The Power of Two (Content-Rich Workshop #4)
Teaches couples about their "partnership rhythm" in a fun, engaging, and entertaining activity using core elements of Ballroom Dancing.

This proprietary workshop teaches couples non-verbal communication utilizes the core elements of ballroom dancing and transforms them into a fun, engaging and entertaining activity that nurtures compassion, understanding and empathy. This workshop is designed as an interactive activity ideal for Couples Retreats, Marriage Encounter weekends, church sponsored Wedding Engagement classes, and program...


Travels From: Baton Rouge, Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, Dallas, DFW, TX
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Interactive, smart, fun, funny, motivational programs on DISCOVERING PERSONAL STRENGTHS
Doug is an expert on showing leaders, managers and teams how to discover their personal strengths so they can be more amazing. 20 yrs' experience

EXCITING NEW DISCOVERIES! Discover and master your top personal strengths in leadership, teamwork and success so you can fully open the floodgates to awesome accomplishments, relationships and joy. To save you time, here is a concise list of 6 INTERACTIVE, SMART, FUN, FUNNY, MOTIVATIONAL, RESEARCH-BASED and RESULTS-GENERATING Programs. All teach Leadership, Teamwork, Handling Change, Communicat...


Travels From: Southern California - Palm Springs, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Read & Learn 100% Faster--Guaranteed!
The Revolutionary Speed Reading And Accelerated Learning Secrets of the World’s Fastest Reader

Howard Stephen Berg is on record as the world’s fastest reader. Each day the decisions you make are only as good as the information you base them upon. Let the world’s fastest reader share his reading and learning strategies with you! Howard describes a more visual method for reading and guarantees your total satisfaction with how his techniques help your reading needs. Howard will: ...


Travels From: Dallas, TX
Fee Range: Varies

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Bridal Bootcamp
Prepreation For the Most Special Day In Your Life

This exclusive event completely prepares the bride for the most special day of her life. Learn the secrets, tips and answers you've been looking for, from Shaping Up for Super Sex to Decoding Man Talk. Learn how to keep the passion and romance alive and discover the top secrets and hidden keys to longevity in a marriage. Learn how to Be the Star of Your Own Wedding and How to Have the Body of your...


Travels From: Los Angeles, CA
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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