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Protecting your company's data: psychologically evaluating potential Espionage and Spy activity
Corporate Security; The Psychological Factors of Espionage and Spying

•The audience will be engaged when we will focus on the psychological motivations, to identify the emotional precursors, which lead to CORPORATE ESPIONAGE and SPYING. •Combining open-discussions, media, and PowerPoints, to illustrate, cultural adaptation, borderline personality disorder, psychological autopsy, precursors to ESPIONAGE, and SPYING. •The presentation/workshop will...

The Art of Mix & Mingle
The Power of Networking - How to build connections... and how those connections can work to your advantage

In the Art of Mix & Mingle, author and public speaker, Dianna Young provides attendees with the tools to: • Understand the benefits of networking • Walk into a room of strangers and feel comfortable • Tactfully and skillfully use connections to further one's goals • Improve professional and social standing • Create opportunities • Put an end to cold calls and more. Ms. You...


Travels From: Rapid City, SD
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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