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Safety Orientation: Improve Online & Offline Safety For Students & Business Professionals
With Author, IT Security Specialist & Self-Defense Expert Pete Canavan

This presentation helps college students navigate the multitude of dangers that exist to their personal safety in both the digital world and the physical world.

Online threats from identity thieves, ransomware, cyberbullies and more didn't exist a generation ago.  Yet these are no less dangerous than offline personal safety concerns.

Offline threats from active shooters, physical assaults, dorm room thefts and terrorists are enough to keep anyone up at night.

This presentation covers it all, since it was written by a university public safety professional who is also a self-defense instructor and IT 

From defining safety concerns and comfort zones to learning about the dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks, to dealing with active shooters and terrorist attacks, you can give your students the most comprehensive information ever compiled about how to stay safe both online and offline.

Our goal is safer campus life - one student at a time.


Travels From: Philadelphia, PA
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses: Definitions, Consent, Bystander Intervention
Preventing sexual violence perpetration before it happens to achieve the greatest impact

Sexual violence is a serious and complex public health problem. We focus on preventing sexual violence perpetration before it happens to achieve the greatest impact. Our prevention strategies are consistent with best practices and are theory-based. From the individual perspective, we will build consent, bystander intervention, and healthy relationship skills with an evidence-informed interactive session. Attendees will be able to vote (live) using their cell phone on myths about sexual assault.

From an organizational perspective, we will show how to engage campus leadership to promote a campus culture of consent, safety, and respect. From a community perspective, we will highlight initiatives taken to strengthen and support enforcement, response, and reporting on and off campus. This session is only one small component of a comprehensive strategy. To change behavior in the long term, the challenge to the Greek community will be to develop a peer-to-peer awareness campaign to reinfor


Travels From: Nashville, TN
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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