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Looking below the tip of the iceberg
IIntroverts are over half the population in the United States; sales people are most often extroverts. What are your sales people missing out on? Are they sometimes frustrated by customers/prospects who seem hard to reach, have low energy, respond with suspicion to an animated introduction and in general don’t seem to be swayed by the approaches that have worked so well with others? Imagine: over half the population may be responding negatively to the skilled sales techniques of your top people! You and they can change this, turn that “I’ll have to think it over” into “Yes” and discover that those quiet, reserved people can become the most loyal of your customers. Takeaways: • 8 ways to identify your introvert prospect (hint: they don’t necessarily look shy); • 5 behaviors to avoid that will make introvert prospects back off – fast; • How to turn “I have to think it over...


Travels From: Minneapolis, MN
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Selling for "Non Selling" Personel
Hey, Let's Get Some Business
Hey, EVERYONE is in sales. Unfortunately, however, not everyone knows that and lots of opportunities for doing business are lost everyday. In this fun, informative and highly interactive session you and your team will learn proven strategies and be provided with powerful insights on improving your ability to make that sale (in spite of yourself and in spite of the fact that you didn't know that was your job ). In this supercharged, sixty minute presentation you will: • Learn selling secrets and powerful sales techniques from Brendan J. Cunningham • Hear about the easiest and most effective means of getting an order even if you don’t like selling. • Immediately improve your revenue perspective • Don’t enjoy doing hand to hand combat for the prospect’s money • take the steps you need toward mastering the art of "closing." • Make Selling stress free, and most of all, you will develop long-term trusting relationships with ...


Travels From: Buffalo, NY
Fee Range: Available upon request

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