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Educate to Sell with Ease
Turn More Prospects Into Buyers with Authentic and Trusted Education
In this insightful and strategic presentation you will learn how to turn more prospects into buyers with ease by going to extra mile with trust, education and high quality service. The selling process has changed dramatically since many prospects often make a buying decision before reaching out to an organization. They don’t want to feel the pressure of being sold to although they do want to invest with companies and individuals who sincerely value and respect them. Learn how to connect your sales with service, high integrity and consistent follow-up. Discover how to incorporate heartfelt service while making a sales offer to improve customer engagement instantly. Uncover the secrets to making an authentic offer without feeling pushy, intrusive or sales-y. And learn how to love selling with ease! Learn How To: . Develop more sales confidence by mastering the art of educating to sell. . Close more sales with genuine connections that build trust and rapport instantly. . Sell from...


Travels From: Phoenix, AZ
Fee Range: Over $10,000

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Insider Secrets From A Personality Profiler
Sell More - Hire Better - Retain Top Talent
Nobody likes to be “sold” to. Regardless of how small or large a sale is, people prefer buying from an advisor who truly has their best interests in mind. In Michael’s keynote address Insider Secrets From A Personality Profiler, he will share a practical, easy to implement system to help you adapt the mindset of, and position yourself in the role of trusted advisor. Regardless of whether your business focuses on retail or wholesale, Michael’s techniques apply. When prospects see you as an advisor, you can zoom ahead of your competition and close more sales! He will also share some simple, yet highly effective, social media marketing ideas that you can implement quickly, without breaking the bank. His primary objective when speaking is to help you and your business increase your bottom line! You don’t want to miss this presentation.


Travels From: Valdosta, GA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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