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Effectively Handle Managing & Retaining Millennials

Format: One-Hour Keynote OR 3-Hour Workshop

This program is perfect for: Managers and Executives responsible for recruiting, managing and retaining Millennial employees.

The audience will leave with:

   -  Startling new workforce fast facts & trends all Executives & Managers need to know
    - How the Millennials came to be
   -  Who the Millennials really are
   -  What they are seeking in a work environment
   -  What they expect from a manager and leadership
    - An overview of differences between Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, Gen Jones & Boomers
    - Key Millennial traits all employers need to know
    - Common challenges managers face with Millennial Talent
    - Hot buttons for recruiting Millennial Talent
    - Solid strategies for managing Millennial Talent
   -  Sound solutions for motivating & retaining Millennial Talent...and some guaranteed motivation busters

I have been hired to present this info-packed, fast-paced, and funny presenta


Travels From: San Francisco, CA
Fee Range: Available upon request

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25 Ways to Retain EmployeesOther than Locking the Doors
Learn the Absolute Truth About What Your Employees Are Telling Recruiters About You

This presentation offers a compilation of proactive strategies that human resource professionals can put into place to make sure they retain their top employees as other companies start trying to lure them away. Learn easy-to-implement tips and techniques you can use to guard your key employees and deflect aggressive poaching of these individuals, as when the economy turns around it is widely anticipated there will be aggressive pursuing of top talent in the marketplace. You will learn proactive perks, bonuses and other techniques for locking in your key employees and using these incentives as a way to hit certain milestones and keep them at the company. Finally, you will hear case studies of what other HR executives are doing right now to retain and lock in key employees, based on the widely anticipated viewpoint that there will be aggressive poaching of top talent in the marketplace once the economy starts to improve.


Travels From: Red Bank, NJ
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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