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Political Advocacy:
Here What Will Give You the Edge!

No surprise. Not everyone gets the same treatment in politics and government. Isn't the question then, what can you do to advance your cause? Mark Grimm's rare combination of experience in politics, government and the media enables him to give you a perspective you will not get anywhere else. He's a former TV news anchor who was also a senior aide in the NYS Legislature. Mark has also been elec...


Travels From: Albany, NY
Fee Range: $5,000 - $7,500

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Interactive, smart, fun, funny, motivational programs on DISCOVERING PERSONAL STRENGTHS
Doug is an expert on showing leaders, managers and teams how to discover their personal strengths so they can be more amazing. 20 yrs' experience

EXCITING NEW DISCOVERIES! Discover and master your top personal strengths in leadership, teamwork and success so you can fully open the floodgates to awesome accomplishments, relationships and joy. To save you time, here is a concise list of 6 INTERACTIVE, SMART, FUN, FUNNY, MOTIVATIONAL, RESEARCH-BASED and RESULTS-GENERATING Programs. All teach Leadership, Teamwork, Handling Change, Communicat...


Travels From: Southern California - Palm Springs, CA
Fee Range: $7,500 - $10,000

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Marketing Automation for Small Business Owners & Salespeople
Automate Your Marketing Tasks and Sell More!
Strategies That Will Turn Your Clients/Members into “Raving Fans”
Raising awareness and enthusiasm for your organization

Key Points: - A positive image will determine your success - Your attitude toward others will draw newcomers - Your purpose piques others' interest - Publicity has beneficial results - Including everyone will reinforce your relationships - Creating contests, scholarships, and awards will entice involvement - Exciting activities will draw more outsiders - Positive communication will...


Travels From: Burbank, CA
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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Conquering The Competition
How To Dominate Your Market By Identifying & Leveraging Your Competitive Edge

In today’s super competitive world, finding and leveraging a sustainable advantage is the key difference between steady growth and steady decline. Throughout this program, Scott will not only show how to identify and create a competitive advantage, but he’ll deliver specific tools and tactics to leverage it to create steady sustainable growth for your business. No matter what industr...


Travels From: Nashville, TN
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Engaging the Media to Boost Your Bottom Line
Small Tricks and Big Ideas

We all know that today's media universe is a cacophony of people screaming "see me" from so many sources...and we know that the folks in the media are totally overwhelmed by their inboxes. So how do you get heard? Ah.....those are the answers I'll provide your business audience with a dynamic and interactive presentation tailored for their businesses. I use anecdotes and stories from Fortune 50...


Travels From: Washington, DC
Fee Range: Varies

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