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Building Your Life in FIVE Simple Steps
Success is Created

Who we are and the level of success we have in our lives and our business is so often held by the limits we place on ourselves. Until we know and understand those limits we cannot ever move forward. Cathy S. Tooley gives a clear 5 step process to move any individual or business to the greatness it desires.


Travels From: Mooresville, IN
Fee Range: Varies

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Changing Your View
- How Almost Dying is a Good Thing

Everyone facing struggle has to come to terms with their situation. They also must take a step into the unknown moving past that struggle and towards their goal. Sean teaches people how to be more successful by viewing things differently, because often times a unique perspective is what it takes to become successful. Teaching certain tools for success, even before beginning on that journey to your...


Travels From: Denver, CO
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Brilliance Through Resilience
The Never Say Die Approach to Life and Business

This program delivers its motivating message of "stick to itness" and perseverance by highlighting examples of people who have accomplished so much despite having been "dealt a bad hand" or having been incapacitated by illness. The spirit of the program is based, in part, upon the personal experiences of the author who survived a life threatening, career ending illness only to lose two uncles and...


Travels From: Colchester, CT
Fee Range: Available upon request

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