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Four Keys to Beating Diabetes and Living a Healthy Life
Healthy Living by learning easy health strategies

Tracy shares a wealth of knowledge from over 40 years of living successfully with a chronic disease, with no complications. In this talk she shares strategies that will help everyone in the audience take control of their health and life while reducing their risks of developing Type 2 diabetes. - Learn the 4M Formula for beating diabetes - (Mind) – Understanding how our mindset impacts our a...


Travels From: Fort Worth, TX
Fee Range: Open

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Learn from the decisions that great leaders had to make

Name a well-known leader who did not have adversity to can't! In order to create a diamond, carbon is at first exposed to very high pressure and it is under these circumstances in which a diamond is created. A lot can be gained from facing obstacles and challenge, find out what you can gain from your trials. Adversity will either break you or make you a record-breaker! Pressure h...


Travels From: Columbus, OH
Fee Range: $2,500 - $5,000

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