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How Engaged is Your Workforce - What's Their Mode of Engagement
Meaning in Work is Individually Created

Do you know your employees' individual "mode of engagement"?


Travels From: Dallas, TX
Fee Range: Varies

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The Power of Purpose & Pursuit of Meaning
Setting Sails for the Journey Ahead

A keynote presentation which circumnavigates inspiring human journeys of purpose, hope and healing - in the search for what is most important in the midst of life's mystery.


Travels From: Minneapolis, MN
Fee Range: Available Upon Request

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Mindfulness & Grief: Techniques For Posttraumatic Growth
Honor Your Loss While Living Your Life

Mindfulness-based practices, such as meditation, yoga and formal compassion practice, can help bereaved people steady their mind, relax their body, and make meaning from their loss, all while tapping into the stress-reducing relaxation response. Based on case studies from a weekly drop-in Relaxation and Meditation for Grief Group at a community meditation center, this session will illustrate h...


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: $1,000 - $2,500

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