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Never Mind What's Behind The Curtain
Packaging yourself/your company as an expert

Marketing yourself or your small business is a bit like "The Emperor's New Clothes."  It's all in how you package it.  It's also a little like the three blind men who describe the same elephant in three different ways.  If you want to be considered an expert in your field, you have to consider other points of view.  

Peel away the layers of success of some of the most well-known local businesses, and you'll find they were once wondering how to become the noted expert.  They had scores of underlings running around trying to find the right route to the big branding machine in the sky.  Never mind what's behind the curtain.  Branding your small business comes down to some basic common sense and a professional approach. It doesn't have to require thousands of dollars, but it does require attention and creativity to help you stand out in a crowd.  Get tips on how to cost-effectively market your small business and package yourself as an expert.


Travels From: Baltimore, MD
Fee Range: $500 - $1,000

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